How to Write a Resume for Paraeducator Position

Updated on: April 3, 2019

Paraeducators assist lead teachers in providing individual support to students with weak areas.

They offer one-on-one assistance to students who may have issues in a particular area of education in order to ensure that they keep up with the rest of the class. They may also perform clerical tasks such as photocopying documents, stapling papers and cleaning up after class activities.


Paraeducators are usually the first people to whom students meet as they enter a school. They accompany students around the building, especially where young students are concerned and help them in locating their classes.

As a matter of fact, they are expected to facilitate the integration of students with individual needs into the educational system that they are a part of, by providing them with extra coaching and ensuring their wellbeing.

Essentially, paraeducators are instrumental in assisting lead teachers in the physical and intellectual development of students.


Writing a resume for a position in the educational arena requires a lot of thought.

After all, people working as educators have a specific role to play, and they need to be able to highlight their abilities to perform the role effectively.

This is particularly true of paraeducators who have the responsibility of acting as role models for students.

Paraeducator Resume Formats

There are different types of resume formats that you can base your resume; chronological, functional/skills, combination and federal.

We suggest that you use a functional resume which will emphasize your skills and abilities effectively. This will allow the recruiter to focus specifically on what you can do for them.

Paraeducator Resume Writing Guidelines

When writing a resume for a paraeducator job, you need to pay special attention to each area of your resume – even the smallest of details are important.

Remember that this position is very sensitive as you are caring for students on an individual basis which will eventually lead to how they develop both emotionally and socially. Therefore, it is important that you know your job well and that you can highlight your knowledge effectively in a resume.

The first thing you need to do is read the job description in a thorough manner. This will allow you to focus on your good points as a paraeducator and specify them effectively in your resume.

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Paraeducator Resume Sections

Your resume must be divided into different sections with attractive bullet points such as;

Profile Or Professional Summary

The profile section of your resume should hold information about your skills and qualifications that are deemed necessary for a paraeducator’s position.

Alternately, If you are an entry-level candidate with no or less experience, you can use your Paraeducator Objective statement first.

Areas of Expertise

Add relevant skills as a paraeducator in this section; write at least six of your key competencies.


In the experience section, emphasize your knowledge of working with children, especially those who need extra help.

Mention only relevant experiences in reverse chronological order; group your experience in terms of relevance and skills. You will need to specify the student develop skills that you may have had the opportunity to polish over the years.

Similarly, any volunteer work that you may have done that relates to education should be part of your resume.

Education and Certifications

This section of your resume is quite essential. You must write any degrees that you have attained along with detailed information on child-care or related educational certifications.


Any training program that you may have attended needs to be particularly highlighted with dates and location.


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