A compelling cover letter for Educational Assistant Resume is crucial while applying for this position. It is necessary to modify your cover letter for each employer in order to make a connection with the requirements of position.

Educational Assistants are responsible for providing help to teachers so the teachers can concentrate on just teaching. An educational assistant may lend a hand to a teacher by providing instructional support and aid students in classrooms.

If you want to write a good cover letter for Educational Assistant Position, you should tackle all the above tasks in a refined yet professional way. The following template will provide you with a better idea.


Educational Assistant Cover Letter Sample

8 Promenade Parkway
Bessemer, AL 88882

September 14, 2012

Ms. Carla Houston
Hawthorne Elementary School
12 White Oak Lane
Bessemer, AL 88223


Dear Ms. Houston:

I am writing to express my interest in obtaining an Educational Assistant position with Hawthorne Elementary School. Since I possess exceptional technological skills and the ability to promote an atmosphere fit for formal education, I am certain that I am the ideal candidate you are looking for.

My experience boasts of working with Learning Alliance for over five years as a Teaching Assistant. During this time I have acquired the ability to be able to work in team environments and utilize current technologies to assist teachers. I have a demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with students and parents. This skill alone ensures that I develop successful relationships with all my students and bring about educational harmony and an environment conducive to respect. The teacher, to whom I am assisting at my present place of work, has commended my work many times for my aptitude in performing research work and administrative duties.

The enclosed resume will speak volumes for my abilities and qualifications. I will call your office after two weeks to set a time of meeting and will be available on (111) 177-1111 if you need to reach me. Thank you for reviewing my job application.



Adalia Rose

Enc. Resume