Cake Decorator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 3, 2019

Writing a cover letter for a creative position like a cake decorator requires a lot of research and imagination.

As a candidate, you need to assure the employer that your creative skills are above those of the others who have applied for the same position. This seems complicated but isn’t impossible either.



With many people now learning cake decoration art, this business is on the absolute boom. Consequently, the demand for successful cake decorators is increasing with the passage of time.

Cake decorators are hired by bakeries, supermarkets, and specialty shops. Their work involves understanding customers’ needs and providing them with a perfect solution.



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Cake decorators use a variety of tools and materials to achieve customers’ satisfaction, and some people go to great lengths to learn this art.


Cake Decorator


Cake Decorator Cover Letter Example


462 McGregor Way
Henderson, NV 63837

April 3, 2019

Ms. Angela Lansbury
United Supermarkets
645 Flare Star Drive
Henderson, NV 57909


Dear Ms. Lansbury:

I would like to express a keen interest in the Cake Decorator’s position currently available at United Supermarkets. The excitement to be employed by such a prestigious organization would enable me to make the most of my creative skills and cake decoration expertise.

My cakes are special. I am well versed in cake filings. While I do buy some from the market, I am more comfortable concocting my own buttercream and whipped cream. Through my experience at ABC Bakery, I acquired considerable expertise in baking and decorating pound cakes, chiffon cakes, and angel-food cakes and fondants. I use to make my own icings and fondants which is why they taste different from anything that you may find in a regular bakery.

Highlights of my accomplishments include:

  • Used airbrushes and carving tools to decorate cakes, increasing revenue by $5000 per month.
  • Adapted to dynamic customer needs and deadlines, increasing customer satisfaction by 100%.
  • Increased sales by 50% through the introduction of cake pops and luxuriously flavored lava cakes.
  • Creatively decorated soft frosted and fondant-style cakes serving up to 60 people.

Through my cake decoration training, I developed insight into carving specially shaped cakes and providing them with a uniform appearance. I was also taught the different ways in which cupcakes are baked and decorated, using many types of pastry bags. I was also able to develop my skills in creating figures from marzipans, fondants and spun sugar.

This work excites me very much, and I look forward to each day’s challenge in creating imaginative pieces of art. I would like to share this joy with the world by working for United Supermarkets. Please call me at (000) 333-1020 if you would like a demonstration of my skills in your kitchen.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to meeting with you in person soon.



Sarah Crocker

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Cake Decorator Qualifications

• Exceptional Customer Service Skills
• Baking expertise
• Artistic sense
• Creativity
• Good hand-eye coordination
• Physical dexterity
• Multitasking
• Time management
• Teamwork