Paraeducator Skills to Put on a Resume

Updated: July 21, 2019

As a paraeducator, your skills are most important.

Unless you make them evident on your resume, it will be difficult for a hiring manager to decide to call you in for an interview.


Since you will be working in a setting where competence is most required, you have to make it evident that there is no one better to hire than you.

Let’s move on to discussing what skills need to be put on a paraeducator’s resume. For starters, your knowledge of assisting with instructional support has to be highlighted.

Then, you must focus on your ability to track student progress and prepare lessons according to the specific requirements of each assigned student.

Through this information, a hiring manager will be able to zero in on abilities that work for him or her, and will eventually decide to hire you.


It is important to realize that your skills as a paraeducator must be written in a statement form.

This will make it easy for the recruiter to separate one skill from another.

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Here are a few examples of skills particular to the position of a paraeducator:


Sample Skills to Put on a Paraeducator Resume

• Highly experienced in assisting lead teachers to impart instruction to students with special needs

• Effectively able to work with students on a one on one basis, and in groups

• Deeply familiar with assisting in the preparation of lessons plans to meet the individual goals of each student

• Exceptionally talented in assembling class material to be used as a learning/teaching resource

• Skilled in assisting students to achieve academic success through the implementation of well-placed plans

• Proficient in effectively working with students who may be aggressive or disruptive in class

• Adept at monitoring general student behavior, and intervening where necessary

• Well-versed in assisting students with personal care, while maintaining their integrities

• Talented in assisting in establishing a positive learning environment, while responding to individual student’s needs

• Demonstrated expertise in handling the overall conduct and management of students

• Exceptionally competent in observing students for signs of discomfort, and immediately intervening

• Qualified to evaluate students, in order to judge their weak point and areas of improvement

• Proven ability to provide extra assistance to students with physical disabilities or limitations

• Solid track record of effectively handling students’ records in an accurate, and confidential manner

• Skilled in conferring with parents and guardians in order to provide them with status updates

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