Paraeducator Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: November 1, 2020
Paraeducator Job Description

Paraeducators work for educational or special education institutes. They assist lead teachers in imparting lessons and handling students. Often, they work with students with special needs and are specially trained to work in that environment.

As part of their work, they handle student behavior, prepare classroom instruction materials, and handle after-class cleanup activities.

They may work with individual students or small groups for the purpose of imparting lessons to them, and they take orders from lead teachers regarding how things need to be managed within a classroom.

Also, they are required to oversee students in playgrounds and activity areas to ensure their safety and well-being. Similarly, they assist students during lunch hours.

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Sample Duties & Responsibilities for Paraeducator Resume

  • Assist the lead teacher in developing a core curriculum to meet the needs of varying student groups
  • Provide support in preparing and imparting individually suiting lesson plans
  • Handle overall conduct and management of the classroom
  • Design and implement course material and aids to meet the varying needs of student groups
  • Work with individual students and groups to assist them in understanding concepts clearly and applying them effectively
  • Observe students for signs of distress and attempt to put them at ease
  • Evaluate students periodically, judge weak points and attempt to help them overcome their shortcomings
  • Pay extra attention to students with physical or learning handicaps
  • Provide a positive role model for students by ensuring appropriate conduct at all times
  • Supervise students in the absence of the lead teacher and during play and lunchtimes
  • Assist lead teacher in monitoring students during field trips and sports activities
  • Help in administering exams and taking remedial measures to assist students in their learning activities
  • Maintain and update students’ records
  • Confer with parents to provide them with students’ progress updates and advice on how to handle assignments at home

Paraeducator Skills & Abilities

It is imperative for them to possess exceptional communication skills and be patient as they work with students from different backgrounds and learning abilities.

Since they work in a support role mostly, they need to be familiar with children’s educational software and be somewhat technology savvy.

Where do Paraeducators work?

They work in preschools, elementary schools, and middle and secondary levels, in both private and public institutions. Some paraeducators work with students who have physical or learning disabilities.

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