Summer School Teacher Cover Letter

Updated on September 14, 2018

Summer school teachers have the same responsibilities as a lead teacher during regular school except they work during the summers. Summer school teachers create and implement lesson plans for various educational programs and activities for the short period of summer school.

Summer school teachers are expected to assist students with their educational directives and to ensure that each student is looked after on an individual basis. Additionally, they monitor student progress and achievements and confer with parents to form future plans.

The following is a professionally written cover letter sample Summer School Teacher job application. You are free to change it around to suit your application needs!


Summer School Teacher Cover Letter Sample


301 Decatur Street, Omaha, NE 40022
Cell: (999) 991-9991, Email:

September 14, 2018

Mr. Anthony Hopkins
Omaha Elementary School
22 Osborne Drive
Omaha, NE 66663


Dear Mr. Hopkins:

It is with great enthusiasm that I apply for your advertised position of Summer School Teacher. I am confident that I meet your strictest specifications for this job at Omaha Elementary School. As a lead teacher with over three years of experience working in different capacities within the school, I am a perfect match for the description that you have provided in your advertisement.

My background in teaching regular and summer classes is quite unmatched as I work with team orientation in mind which works well with students and fellow teachers. I offer a vast knowledge of designing and implementing summer school activities while taking into account both the educational and entertainment aspects. Moreover, I am conversant with preparing summer school schedules and acquiring both teachers’ aides and substitute teachers and have substantial experience qualifying the instruction for summer school directives.

My knowledge of health and safety rules and best practices makes it easy for me to work with children while ensuring their well-being at all times. I am putting all I have on the table (my resume as well) and expect that a meeting with you will set things into a better perspective as well.



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