After School Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 22, 2021

Most lead teachers at one time or another will be responsible for some extended school program activity.

Teachers who opt to work after school are usually interested in teaching remedial classes or managing after-school physical activities.

They ensure the safety of students and also make sure that they have done any homework given to them on the previous day.

Interacting with students is the primary job of after-school teachers.

They are expected to work with each student to determine their pace and progress and impart education accordingly.

If you are hoping to work in this capacity, make sure that your cover letter and resume reveal that you can endure what this work demands.

Here is a great cover letter sample to guide you:

After School Teacher Cover Letter Example

Sasha Abraham
56 Autumn Drive
Flushing, MI 22222
(000) 999-7410

October 22, 2021

Mr. Paul Newman
Manager HR
Flushing Elementary School
1233 Reed Street
Flushing, MI 77890

Dear Mr. Newman:

Enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication. These are the key attributes that make me a suitable candidate for an After School Teacher position currently available at Flushing Elementary School. As an experienced and licensed teacher, I am ready to contribute to your success.

I have been developing and implementing curriculums and lesson plans for the regular school for five years it would be interesting to apply the same in an extended program. I have keenly observed many after-school remedial classes and activities, and I am confident that I can meet the challenges that they provide.

I am firm but not strict which is why I can positively manage students of all ages – by merely setting boundaries. This, coupled with my experience in imparting knowledge in conventional school and for after-school activities, should go a long way in making me eligible for an after-school teacher’s position. Please refer to my resume which will provide you with insight into my student development skills and much more.

I would like to meet with you in an interview to discuss this teaching position in detail. To follow up and answer your questions, I will call you after five days. Meanwhile, you can reach me any time at (000) 999-7410.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sasha Abraham

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