Elementary Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: May 26, 2023

There is a lot that can be written in an Elementary Substitute Teacher resume, but you do not have to write it all. That said, keep your resume short and to the point, without missing out on any useful information. 

Look at the sample below to get ideas on how to write your resume.

Elementary Substitute Teacher Resume Example

Emma Harris
18 Pardee Street, Wadsworth, OH 46132
(000) 874-2541
emmaharris@email .com

Elementary School Substitute Teacher

Resourceful and highly determined Substitute Teacher with exceptional skills and vast experience working in substitute teaching roles with a special focus on delivering lessons according to specified directions. Demonstrated expertise in taking instructions and following them to ensure that classes are led according to protocol.

• Effectively able to refer to lesson plans to impart education based on a set curriculum.
• Exceptional insight into ensuring that a climate of fairness and respect is promoted within the classroom.
• Highly experienced in handling unruly behavior, in accordance with set administrative instructions.

✓ Behavior Management ✓ Activities Oversight
✓ Multiple Subject Teaching ✓ Resource Development
✓ Students’ Safety ✓ Instructional Materials
✓ Reports Management ✓ Records Management
✓ Progress Monitoring ✓ Confidentiality

• Successfully substituted 3 classes for an entire month, in the absence of their English teacher.
• Saved the life of a student by recognizing the early signs of an asthma attack and providing CPR immediately.
• Managed laboratory setups for 5 back-to-back glasses, during an assistantship role.
• Devised a student progress maintenance system, considered 55% more secure than the one being used.


Substitute Teacher
American School, Wadsworth, OH
6/2013 – Present
• Take and comprehend substitution teaching instructions from the school management or the lead teacher
• Provide students with self-introductions and engage them in conversation to make them comfortable
• Impart education for many subjects, including science, general knowledge, languages, and mathematics
• Assist students on a one-on-one basis to help them understand difficult concepts
• Administer tests and exams and perform invigilation duties as instructed
• Grade assignments and exam papers according to the specific metrics designed by the school system
• Record students’ attendance, and ensure that all records are properly and confidentially maintained
• Assist lead teachers in creating lesson plans and provide help in creating teaching resources

Teacher Assistant
Great Oaks School, Wadsworth, OH
2/2009 – 5/2013
• Provided lead teacher with assistance in imparting lessons, based on well-developed programs
• Oversaw classwork assigned to students and provided assistance where required
• Monitored students during class time, lunch break, and activities to ensure their wellbeing and safety
• Developed learning and teaching resources for assistance in teaching difficult concepts to students
• Wrote reports on the academic progress and class participation of each assigned student

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Ohio State University, Wadsworth, OH – 2009

Elementary Teaching Certificate
First Aid and CPR