Technical Support Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on May 23, 2018

A technical support resume must showcase your technical skills in an optimized manner. A comprehensive performance summary followed by an objective or bullet section featuring your technical expertise usually does the trick.

While writing the professional experience section, it is essential to highlight professional results. Instead of focusing on your responsibilities too much, use the space to communicate your accomplishments in the field.

Accomplishments have a more significant impact when they are measurable. Try to quantify them. Give the employer some figures.

Many employers are using keyword search method for initial scans of resumes. A resume that contains a right amount of industry-specific and employer-centered keywords has much weight in today’s job market. Incorporate the words employer has used in the advertisement since these are most likely to be included in the automatic key terms search.

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Technical Support Specialist Resume Example


Samuel Glen
780 Green Meadows, Phoenix, AZ 59002
(005) 666-2222

Methodical, precise and systematic technical support specialist with 7+ years of hands-on experience in providing unparalleled technical support to clients. Skilled in system potential evaluation, testing of new programs and STS systems integration.


– Metric Analysis– Systems Configuration
– OS Windows, Mac, and Linux– Software  Management
– SQL Programming and Troubleshooting– Program Management
– PMR Management– Desktop Assistance and Administration
– Program Support Plans– Programmatic Data Files Maintenance


First Energy Corp. Phoenix, AZ
Technical Support Specialist (2010-present)
• Implemented software ticketing through Sys-Aid that reduced overall customer complaints up till 50% by proactively detecting and preventing system crash-downs
• Updated 50+ systems single-handedly to windows eight as per company requirement
• Remained fully updated on new soft products issued by First Energy and upsold each new launch massively by referring it to prospective clients and assisting them in setting up and utilizing the product to the fullest
• Presented technical information.
• Suggested strategies for process improvement.
• Tuned database performance.
• Maintained system capability by testing computer components.

SAFE NET, Phoenix, AZ
Help Desk Technician (2006-2010)
• Enhance a client company’s data integration process by 70% by implementing effective link analysis strategies
• Develop a channel for software applications support and initiated an online help desk on the server to facilitate clients
• Maintain user accounts
• Create metric reports
• Perform bulk data handling
• Process query verifications
• Troubleshoot client issues
• Manage APIs for social media platforms

BS in Computer Science

“I am a technically strong individual with a special ability to resolve complex problems.”

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