6 Resume Summary Examples for Teacher Position

Updated on: May 23, 2021

Teacher Resume Objective vs Teacher Resume Summary Statement – which one is the winner? Well, it depends on your skills and experiences in addition to the needs of the employer.

The resume summary is good for highly experienced job seekers as you can write a whole lot more than you can in an objective.

Since most people say that the objective is selfish and seems inarticulate, many of us end up choosing the summary statement instead. People who are just entering the workforce such as entry-level candidates and those with less experience in the teaching field may use the resume objective.

As a quick way of catching the hiring manager’s attention, the resume summary abridges critical information given in your resume. And it does this in just a few sentences.

You might argue that you are already a qualified person and what is the point of writing a summary when the employer can simply go through your experiences and judge you. True. Resumes are long documents and can be overbearing. Imagine this situation – you are the perfect candidate but your resume has somehow ended up at the bottom of the pile.

By the time the hiring manager picks up your resume, he will be agitated and will probably just skim through it. If your resume does not offer a summary, he might just put it away.

Take a look at some resume summary examples for a teacher resume:

Sample Summary Statements for Teacher Resume

1. Top-performing elementary school teacher with 9+ years’ hands-on experience in creating and implementing student-ready curriculum and lesson plans. Adept at researching materials and crafting activities to meet individual students’ cognitive, social and academic needs. Fun and friendly with the ability to impart lessons in a productive manner.

2. Results-driven high school teacher who is known for excellent abilities in prioritizing teaching methods, discussing concepts, and preparing presentations. Proven record of effectively enforcing rules and disciplinary actions in accordance to set school and district rules and regulations.

3. Competent and energetic preschool teacher who has set standards for effective teaching methods, including activities-based teaching. Comfortable in interacting with students from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

4. Results-oriented Teacher with extensive and diverse experience in the preschool environment. Able to create and implement student-oriented lessons and tweak existing lesson plans to effectively meet each student’s individual needs and learning paces.

5. Trained EFL teacher with hands-on experience in identifying clear teaching objectives and specifying how they will be taught and assessed. Proficient in setting tasks that challenge students and ensure high levels of interest.

6. Self-motivated and energized special needs teacher with extensive experience in managing the needs of children. Exceptional focus on integrating students into regular society and provide them with basic cognitive, social, and academic skills. Competent in ascertaining that students consolidate knowledge and skills pertaining to the subject matter being taught.