Resume Summary for Preschool Teacher

Updated on: November 14, 2015


The resume summary is an alternate of a preschool teacher objective statement. And for good reason. Where an objective usually looks selfish, a summary is more employer-oriented. And this is what an employer wants. The summary statement is usually a three to five line statement that says why you are the best prospect for the job that you are applying for. What does a good summary do?

• It coveys your professional niche while highlighting your most important and relevant skills
• Its serves as a roadmap for the rest of your resume

The statements above are the essence of a preschool teacher resume summary. An eye-catching account of how good you are as a candidate, the resume summary is significant where resume writing is concerned. Objective statements and resume summaries are not the same thing. They may seem like they are but in actuality, they convey different things.

Some resume summary writing tips:

• Keep it focused as opposed to generic
• Concise writing is critical
• Avoid general statements

What to avoid in qualifications summaries?
• Use of pronouns such as I, me, my, we and us
• Soft skills such as personable and trustworthy
• Objectives that are vague and self-serving, such as “Currently seeking a position in which I can grow and develop…”

Some examples of resume summaries for a preschool teacher position are given below for your reference:

Preschool Teacher Resume Summary Examples

• Energetic self-starter with exceptional expertise in creating and implementing preschool curriculum and lessons, in accordance to each student’s cognitive, social and emotional development.

• Enthusiastic, competent preschool teacher with 6+ years’ progressive experience in planning and implementing age-appropriate activities to meet the physical, intellectual and social needs of children. Adept at developing culturally appropriate programs and activities to introduce math and literacy concepts.

• Reliable and hardworking preschool teacher who is known for motivating and stimulating children’s learning abilities and providing pastoral care and support. Competent at developing and producing visual aids and teaching resources, along with adeptness at organizing learning materials and resources.

• High-energy background in a fast-paced academic environment. Ability to blend creativity into regular lessons and incorporating activities-based learning programs to assist with the development of children’s basic skills, including physical coordination and speech and communication.

• Creative and diverse teaching professional with extensive experience in designing and developing a broad range of lessons and activities to meet preschoolers’ individual learning needs.

• Accomplished preschool teacher with a proven track record of encouraging children’s creative and mathematical development through stories, songs, games and imaginative play. Hands-on experience in observing and assessing children to record progress and compatibility with peers.