Online Teacher Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: June 29, 2022

In order to be considered for an online teaching position, you have to make sure that your resume speaks volumes about your ability to work well in a virtual environment.

Due to a significant increase in demand for online teaching, there is a lot of competition, so you have to ensure that your resume is very attractive.

The following sample will guide you on how you can do this:

Sample Resume for Online Teacher Position

Teresa Malar
6 Oak Street, Olympia, WA21932
(000) 221-3125

Resourceful and meticulous teacher, with 5 years of experience in imparting education in an online capacity. Highly skilled in developing lesson plans to meet the individual needs of each student. Able to handle group, as well as one on one classes. Deep knowledge of using technology to develop teaching materials, and effectively deliver subject matter information to each student.

Lesson Plan Designing | Education Imparting
Resource Development | Assignment Creation
Marking and Grading | Student Engagement
Discipline Maintenance | Student Performance Assessment
Attendance Tracking | Course Introduction
Technology Savviness | Glitch Handling


Online Teacher
Full Bloom, Olympia, WA
Jun 2018 – Present
• Create the class curriculum pertaining to set subject matters.
• Develop and implement lesson plans for each class or individual students.
• Use online resources to provide students with information on subject matters.
• Use technology such as Google Meet, Google Classrooms, and Google Forms to impart education.
• Teach concepts to students based on their specific learning abilities.
• Administer online practice sessions and tests as required.
• Grade students’ assignments and tests in accordance with online marking systems.
• Provide students with information on what to expect during assessments.
• Assist students in determining their specific learning goals.
• Assess students on a regular basis and create reports.
Key Achievements
• Singlehandedly managed a class of 22 students for 3 months.
• Successfully completed the entire class curriculum within the provided timeline.

Olympia Education Island, Olympia, WA
Apr 2013 – Jun 2018
• Greeted students as they arrived in the class, and performed ice-breaking activities.
• Imparted education to students in sync with subject matter requirements.
• Maintained discipline within the classrooms at all times.
• Monitored students to ensure that they were all on the same learning level.
• Administered and graded tests and exams.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Washington State University, Olympia, WA – 2009

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