Elementary Math Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 19, 2018

It is possible to get to the interview stage by way of a simple but well-written cover letter.

Writing a cover letter is not a problem if you have all the information at hand.

If you don’t, you will need to research what needs to go into it. It is quite simple – a cover letter is a marketing tool that helps the hiring managers understand what a candidate is capable of doing, and why he or she should be hired for a position.

The problem comes about when a cover letter is not written to market one’s skills and competencies and is more focused on telling the hiring manager how experienced one is.

The cover letter has never been about work experience. In fact, it is used primarily to communicate what the applicant can do once he or she is hired for a position.

For an elementary math teacher position, you can go through the following cover letter sample for reference purposes:

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Elementary Math Teacher Cover Letter Example



March 19, 2018

Mr. Rupert Carter
St. Peter’s Elementary School
1993 Farlin Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL27833


Dear Mr. Carter:

Mathematics was my choice of teaching area because of an inherent ability to understand complex math problems and communicate solutions to students in a profound manner. Having taught elementary level mathematics for over six years now, I am confident that I am perfect for the position of a math teacher at St. Peter’s Elementary School.

Curriculum development, lesson planning, and resource development are the areas where my strengths lie mainly. With my ability to ensure that all resources and lessons are following established guidelines and rules, and a profound ability to make sure that each student’s limitations and strengths are kept in mind, I am confident that hiring me will be an excellent decision on your part.

My ability to handle elementary school children’s behavior both in class and during play breaks is exceptional; as I am skilled in treating their psychology and have advanced experience in managing problems associated with behavioral problems.

I am convinced that hiring me as an elementary math teacher will not only help your school academically but in many other ways as well. To elaborate on this, I would like to hold a face to face meeting with you, to arrange which, I will call you soon. In the interim, you can contact me at the number given below.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Diana Blaire
(000) 685-2541

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