Event Coordinator Assistant Job Description

Updated on: July 27, 2019

Position Overview

Both social and corporate events are a big thing nowadays, and people do not want to get just anyone to organize them.

People choose the best. And if you are in a position where you might be chosen to handle an event – even in an assistantship position – you will have to make sure that you know all there is to know about event coordination and management.

As an event coordinator assistant, you will be performing some creative work and a lot of physical work to implement an event coordinator’s vision.

You will be coordinating with suppliers to acquire materials such as decorations, furniture, and food and it will be your responsibility to ensure that everything is managed in a time-efficient manner.

An event can mean anything – birthdays, parties, weddings, conferences, baby showers, and charity events.

Whatever you are asked to organize, you will need to make sure that you research what is needed and apply your research effectively. Calculating budgets for each event and selecting catering services will also be a crucial part of your work.

To be a successful event coordinator assistant, you should be able to take and follow directions properly.

Also, you will need to be a good listener as you will be the one interviewing clients to gauge what their event management needs are.

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Event Coordinator Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist event coordinators in understanding clients’ needs by interviewing them and asking questions

• Record / jot down clients’ needs and provide feedback on any need that may be challenging to fulfill

• Ask questions regarding clients’ budgets and provide them with information on what can be accommodated in the specified budget

• Perform research activities to gauge what materials will be needed to set up an event

• Provide event coordinator with a quote on materials, furnishings and catering services

• Liaise with vendors and suppliers to engage their surfaces and indulge in bargaining activities to decide upon a quote

• Book talent such as musicians, disc jockeys and actors for events

• Select food items according to directions provided by clients

• Interview chefs and wait staff to determine their talents and limitations

• Assist event coordinator in deciding on promotional designs and handle any needed editing

• Secure event space in accordance to clients’ specifications

• Oversee the setting up and tearing down of the event

• Monitor event activities before, during and after events

• Secure materials at the end of each event

• Take inventory of materials and supplies and ensure that materials that need to be returned to vendors are done so in a timely manner

• Calculate costs incurred in setting up an event and provide event coordinator with a quote for approval

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