Clerical Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 27, 2019

A cover letter is an integral part of every clerical job application.

It must be written to perfection if you need an edge over the other candidates having more impressive credentials.


How to Write a Clerical Cover Letter?

Below are some useful guidelines pertaining to cover letter for clerical resumes:

• Explain why you want to work for the prospective company in particular and also what you can do for them that an average candidate cannot.

• Keep your letter short. Remember, it’s a letter, not the story of your life. Just stick to the pertinent details and communicate all that your resume alone cannot.

• Shine a spotlight on a couple of relevant achievements you have to your credit. Showing the employer what you have done translates into what you can do and conveys your caliber.

• Talk to the company’s needs. Go through their requirements for the job in detail and make sure you address their requirements by highlighting the salient features of your candidacy.



Below is a clerical cover letter sample for further guidance.

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Clerical Cover Letter Sample


Harry Marshall
340 Heaven Arcade, Miami, FL 30433
(004) 333-2222
harry @ email . com

July 27, 2019

Mr. Edward Glen
HR Manager
78 Jensen Lane
Miami, FL 30433


Dear Mr. Glen:

With regard to your current need of a general clerk, please accept my resume as a job application for the same. I am confident you will be interested in my relevant experience and accomplishments detailed in the enclosed resume.

As you will note, my qualifications closely complement your requirements:

• Five years of experience as a data entry and general clerk

• Strong attention to detail with a typing speed of 60 WPM and 99% typing accuracy level

• Competent at a wide range of statistical analysis and familiar with the usage of modern data management software

• Expert in administering and developing various database and user-friendly data interfaces

• Proficient in consolidating data, removing discrepancies and purging files

Besides, I offer a track record of maintaining flawless data records, processing accurate and timely payrolls, and purging large volume files with multiple errors in minimal time. My previous employers have always commended me for my numerical accuracy and data management skills. Being a people-oriented person, I also possess excellent customer service skills which have always proven to be an asset in the clerical role.

The prospect of working with you interests me, and I would highly appreciate an opportunity to have a meeting with you. Please call me at (004) 333-2222 at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Harry Marshall

Harry Marshall

Enc. Resume

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