Geography Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: April 21, 2022

Geography teachers work in high schools where they are required to provide classroom instruction to students.

They design and implement a curriculum for the geography subject and ensure that their students follow classroom instruction to understand its core concepts.

Geography teachers are also expected to work with the school management and assistant teacher in developing materials for instruction that they will use in class.

They work with groups of children and the class as a whole depending on the sub-topic that they are doing.

If you are a qualified geography teacher, you may want to take ideas from the following resume sample to write your own.

Geography Teacher Resume Example

Sandra Dylan
344 W Blue Mound Road
Milwaukee, WI 90109
(000) 999-0209


11+ years of hands-on experience in teaching geography to different age groups. Unique ability to transform lesson plans into exceptional learning experiences. Develop lesson plans based on core topics in order to ensure a functional learning environment. Conversant with evaluating performances and providing guidance to engender behavior and social growth

• Physical Geography
• Population Geography
• Cultural Geography
• Economic Geography


Geography Teacher
Hoskins High School, Milwaukee, WI     
• Write engaging lessons and impart instruction based on the principles of Geography
• Manage activities and exams to ensure instilment of concepts in students
• Set and maintain standards of behavior inside the classroom
• Research for pertinent material and ensure printing and distribution
• Diagnose students’ strengths and weaknesses to assist them in weak areas and commend strong ones

Teacher’s Assistant
Hoskins High School, Milwaukee, WI   
• Assisted the teacher in designing and implementing the class curriculum
• Prepared lesson plans
• Extended help to students as and when required
• Handed out material related to the subject matter
• Performed substitute duties in the absence of the lead teacher

M.S, Geography 
Wisconsin State University – Milwaukee, WI

• Excellent communication skills
• Demonstrated ability to impart instruction in an exciting manner
• Articulate and professional behavior
• Exceptional decision-making skills
• Strong organizational and behavior management skills