Entry Level Art Teacher Resume with No Experience

Resumes for an entry-level art teacher position are a window into a prospective job world and need to be written with great care. So how does one manage to do this if there isn’t experience to back one up?

Not simple, but doable! Instead of experience, building up a skills-based resume is an excellent idea for getting your candidature across to an employer.

Through your education or a particular training session, you might have acquired some skills that make you eligible for a specific position. The trick is to emphasize on these skills as well as those inherent in you.

A candidate that is fresh out of college/changing career and is aspiring to work as an art teacher needs to take ideas from the following sample.


Art Teacher Resume with No Experience


Gwen Williams

6 Grand Street, Charleston, WV 88837
Cellular: (999) 999-9999, [Email]


Creative Arts Teacher with current West Virginia teaching certificate. Special interest in designing illustrations, and graphics intending to introducing students of art to a variety of art projects. Profound knowledge of different genres of art and their historical backgrounds. Enthusiastic to inspire students to express themselves through different mediums of art with a special focus on art traditions. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Eager to impart knowledge to multicultural students.


✓ Learning environment creation ✓ Student assessments
✓ Students’ development ✓ Relationships building
✓ Lessons preparation ✓ Discipline enforcement
✓ Subject matter presentation ✓ Art supplies maintenance
✓ Communication with parents ✓ Student protection


• Won the Clay Model Competition 2012 by presenting the most artistically challenged clay model of The Thinker.
• Achieved success in inaugurating the Art Museum in school for the benefit of art students.
• Introduced History of Art as a subject in high school and provided teachers with valuable information on which core curriculum for the subject was based.
• Named Head of the Art Club owing to extreme dedication to the subject.


Volunteer | Charleston Art Museum, Charlestown, WV | June 2017 – Present

• Provide information to museum patrons regarding each item’s history.
• Plan museum and gallery trips for weekends and during holidays for young art enthusiasts.
• Assist in keeping the premises clean and tidy at all times.
• Oversee incoming art objects and ensure appropriate placing.
• Provide art instruction to art enthusiasts at the premises.


BA, Fine Arts – 2016


• Computer: MS Office Applications
• Demonstrated ability to handle different types of art projects at the same time (clay modeling and drawing for instance)
• Strong understanding of various art mediums and their creative application
• High level of attention to detail aimed at handling long-term projects with precision

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