Entry Level Middle School Teacher Resume (No Experience)

Updated on: April 16, 2018

Facilitating classroom instruction for middle school students, middle school teachers hold important positions.

They may specialize in particular subjects or teach all depending on their individual settings. They develop curriculum and lesson plans targeted at students’ individual learning capacities.

They are also involved in after-school activities where they are expected to keep an eye on them and facilitate sports coaches.

Middle school teachers applying for entry-level positions in a middle school will need to supplement their lack of experience with knowledge acquired in teaching courses or training.

The following resume is that of an entry-level middle school teacher’s position. Have a look at what it includes.


Entry Level Middle School Teacher Resume


Grace Holland
4728 Duzane Drive, Knoville, TN 72800
(999) 999-9999, Email

A self-directed, resourceful and enthusiastic individual with a keen interest in fostering students’ cognitive and social growth. A strong passion for literacy and inspiration to create fun and challenging learning environment for middle school students

Tennessee State University
Master’s in Education – 2011
GPA: 3.21


English as a First Language Certificate (EFL)

Training Courses:
• Grammar Instruction
• Reading and Writing Instruction
• Strategic Interaction
• Content Based Skills Instruction
• Drama Based Instruction
• Teaching Culture and Conformity
• Techniques for Teaching High Student Volume Classes

Supplementary and Proficiency Courses:

• Materials Development
• Class Observation
• Cultural Programs and Activities
• Oral and Written English

Teaching Skills Acquired During the Course

• Knowledge of creating instructional resources
• Ability to devise and implement individually placed curriculums
• Highly developed sense of creating positive educational environments for students
• Keen understanding of reviewing, analyzing and evaluating middle school students
• Profound knowledge of adapting educational processes to enhance educational opportunities

International Baccalaureate (IB)
Trained in teaching IB Middle Years Program – International Education System

Key Focus:
• Addressing students’ intellectual, social and emotional well-being
• Assisting in providing students with skills needed to take responsible actions
• Providing students with opportunities to undertake independent projects conforming to areas of interest


Teacher Intern | Summer 2013
Seven Hills Charter Public School – Worcester, MA

• Supervised children’s activities, modeling respect and acceptance
• Promoted recognition and positive interaction among children
• Monitored general health and safety of children
• Planned and implemented developmentally appropriate activities for children
• Maintained a positive relationship with parents

• Achieved the highest score in final EFL assessments
• Conducted a workshop on teaching English as a first language for the benefit of teachers in training

• Exceptional knowledge of developing and implementing middle school lesson plans
• Vastly trained in using appropriate instructional strategies aimed at meeting individual students’ needs
• Strong communication skills targeted at imparting classroom instruction
• Excellent knowledge of managing student behavior in accordance to the Student Code of Conduct