Entry Level Music Teacher Resume No Experience

Updated on: March 13, 2021

A music teacher looking for a job must ensure that her or his resume is exactly the way a hiring manager wants to see it. Specifically, highlight your skills and competencies in teaching conceptual, as well as practical music to students.

Any accomplishment to your name will be considered a good piece of information, which is why you must highlight it properly, even if it is in an academic capacity. Working as a music teacher is not the easiest of things, but you have to show the hiring manager that you are up for the challenge.

In your resume, you should highlight more than one reason why you should be hired, even though you have no experience in your name.

Here is a resume sample for a music teacher who has had no experience:

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Entry Level Music Teacher Resume No Experience

Joel Birmingham
512 Late Road, Casper, NV 68473
(000) 235-3432


Music teacher, with exceptional interest in interacting with students through lessons, discussions, and visual aids. Proficient in developing music lesson plans in order to teach theory. Well-versed in preparing lessons and outline in order to use in class.

Master’s Degree in Music
Nevada State University, Casper, NV – 2021

Awards and Honors

• Honored for receiving highest grades in Musicology in the entire state
• Awarded Best Student plaque, owing to exceptional academic, and studio record

Academic Achievements

• Suggested incorporation of a music therapy course, as a result, increased student population by 22%
• Received high accolades from the university management for providing extensive input regarding grading strategies


  • Lesson Planning
  • Practice Sessions
  • Performance Preparation
  • Music Fundamentals
  • Classroom Culture Creation
  • Relationship Building
  • Voice Training
  • Study Program Planning
  • Objectives Establishment


Music Teacher Assistant
National Academy of Music, Casper, NV
1/2021 – 3/2021

• Created lesson plans in different music instruction areas
• Developed music curriculum
• Provided exposure regarding scales, notations, and the art of singing
• Taught history of music and introduced students to works of legendary musicians and composers
• Structured lessons in order to ensure the learner outcomes remain at appropriate cognitive levels
• Assessed students’ performances and progress and provided additional assistance where required

• Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese

• Led the Casper Baseball Team to victory in 3 matches in 2018
• Volunteered services as a music teacher at a center for blind children


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