Elementary School Science Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: May 26, 2023

Writing an Elementary School Science Teacher resume is not a problem if you are aware of the dynamics.

A resume needs to be complete, with all sections depicting what they are supposed to be.

Take a look at the following sample to get a better idea.

Elementary School Science Teacher Resume Example

William Baker
Dayton, OH 19374
(000) 854-6325

Elementary School Science Teacher

Top-producing Elementary School Science Teacher with over 13 years of proven track record of raising standards of student attainment and achievement with the subject of science, and supporting student progress. Effectively able to create and implement core science lesson plans, aimed at helping elementary students understand concepts

Taught science to groups of students from all abilities within specified age groups. Proven ability to assess students on a regular basis, and provide effective feedback to parents, guardians, and school management.

✓ Lesson Planning ✓ Curriculum Development
✓ Student Engagement ✓ Activities-based Learning
✓ Behavior Management ✓ Experiments Handling
✓ Task Setting ✓ Progress Evaluation
✓ Grading ✓ Projects Design
✓ Instructional Activities ✓ Resource Development

• Successfully implemented a dynamic resource development system, resulting in the obtainment of high-quality and informational aids for teaching.
• Introduced the concept of activities-based learning, leading the student body to be increased in number, by a staggering 55%.
• Devised a progress evaluation system, which was considered 75% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Set up and maintained a student laboratory, conducting more than 50 experiments in a day.


Elementary School Science Teacher
American Promise School, Dayton, OH
5/2017 – Present
• Work with school administration to create and develop core school curriculum, according to federal policies.
• Create and implement lesson plans, based on meeting the needs of each individual student.
• Impart knowledge of scientific concepts to students, ensuring that they comprehend the basics.
• Assist students on a one-on-one basis to provide them with insight into complex scientific concepts.
• Administer tests and exams, and grade assignments and exam papers according to set academic principles.
• Ensure that appropriate behavior is maintained within the classroom at all times.
• Oversee students during laboratory work, ensuring their safety and well-being on a constant basis.
• Maintain student records, including attendance, in a manner predefined by the school system.

Science Teacher Assistant
Great Oaks School, Dayton, OH
2/2011 – 5/2017
• Assisted lead science teachers in providing students with information on basic and complex science topics.
• Oversaw the activities of students, ensuring that appropriate behavior standards were maintained.
• Provided support to lead teachers by developing and distributing learning aids.
• Took and recorded students’ attendance, and ensured that all logs were submitted to the school office at the end of the day.
• Set up science laboratory equipment, and monitored students performing scientific experiments.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Ohio State University, Dayton, OH – 2009