Classroom Aide Cover Letter No Experience

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Classroom Aide Cover Letter Sample (No Experience)


Ramon Luigi
91 6th Road
Loveland, CO 62299
(000) 125-4541
ramon.l @ email . com

February 6, 2018

Mr. Raymond Albert
Thompson Public School
464 Some Street
Loveland, CO 69321


Dear Mr. Albert:

Please accept this application for a Classroom Aide position that you have advertised on your website last week. I am eager to utilize my teaching and clerical skills and to serve a prestigious educational institute like Thompson Public School. Please refer to my enclosed resume which will provide you with further insight into my qualifications.

I am a determined hard worker who has the ability to work alone as well as a part of team. Through my summer jobs, I developed strong skills in assisting classroom teachers to achieve education goals for students. I am able to reinforce syllabus with little group of students or one-on-one basis.

I have a demonstrated ability to control students in the classroom, lunchroom, playground, and field trips. Moreover, I am very competent at assisting lead teacher with secretarial work and grading assignments.

My talent to create a challenging yet fun environment for students is what made me successful in my past endeavors. I understand that students are impressionable and are generally open to new ideas and I strive to fulfill this space in their lives. I understand that my primary work is to assist the teacher with tasks pertinent to the classroom but I do have the capability going the extra mile.

As a fresh and enthusiastic classroom aide, I would like to meet with you personally to discuss my accomplishments and what I can do for Thompson School District to contribute to its success. I will call your office next week to follow-up on my job application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ramon Luigi

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