Department Supervisor Resume Sample

Updated on: April 4, 2019

Typically, department supervisors oversee a store’s activities at the department level.

This position requires you to be responsible for the actions of your department solely. It may include managing staff, overseeing merchandising operations, stock control, sales forecast, and account analysis.



They assign duties to the team, maintain staff schedules, order merchandise and provide customer services as necessary.

A resume for the position of a department supervisor should possess information regarding the candidate’s understanding of the retail sector as well as the ability to manage the department’s functions and its employees.



Writing resumes for retail positions require a candidate to specify and build upon their knowledge of the retail world.

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Department Supervisor Resume Example


Roderick Erin
377 Ware Street, Mansfield, MA 73900
(000) 999-1421



  • More than 6 years’ successful experience as a department supervisor
  • Recognized for strengths in managing a challenging situation
  • Deep understanding of retail law and procedures and processes
  • Verifiable track record of delivering excellence in customer services
  • Hands on experience in promoting sales and profit goals in a time efficient manner


  • Increased customer retention by 20% in the year 2011 alone.
  • Proactive planning and execution led to a notable increase in employee morale throughout the department.
  • Drove sales at a whopping speed by employing core promotional activities.
  • Effective leadership and training insight led to the development of excellent teams.


Department Supervisor
Toys R Us
, Mansfield, MA              Mar 2012 – Present

  • Supervise the activities of the staff on a daily basis
  • Ensure that all departmental sales goals are met effectively
  • Establish daily production schedules and ensure that all priorities are set efficiently
  • Determine and implement departmental procedures as deemed appropriate
  • Allocate and monitor work activities
  • Develop employee schedules and ensure compliance
  • Determine staffing needs to ensure a continuous flow of work
  • Resolve customers’ complaints and issues in a proactive manner
  • Maintain quality control of both goods and services

Store Supervisor
ABC Company
, Mansfield, MA        Jan 2011 – Mar 2012

  • Greeted customers as they arrived and provided the information asked for
  • Assisted customers in locating and choosing items
  • Demonstrated product features as and when directed
  • Operated the cash register when necessary
  • Solicited walk-in customers for business development purposes
  • Provided after sales services


Mansfield Business University, Mansfield, MA
Master of Business Administration


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