Top 15 Art Teacher Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 28, 2021

When writing an Art Teacher resume skills section, candidates are often tempted to boast their skills which may be irrelevant to the art teacher job and it is easy to slip off the track.

What candidates must understand is that relevance is very crucial in resume writing, especially when it comes to the skills section.

Skills that sound otherwise meaningless become important if written in phrases using keywords. Look up some relevant keywords in the job description provided by the recruiter and add them in the sentences.

Below are some sample skills for the art teacher resume.

Art Teacher Skills for Resume

  1. Track record of instructing students about basic sketching and contouring techniques
  2. Well versed in evaluating students’ work, charting their progress, grading assignments, and guiding them regarding their weaknesses appropriately
  3. Hands-on experience in curriculum development, lesson planning, and implementation with aid of modern and effective AV aids and instructional strategies
  4. Expert in instructing students about working in various modes including pastels, oil colors, watercolors, fabric paints, charcoal, and pencil
  5. Adept at creating and maintaining a highly stimulating, inspiring, and multicultural classroom environment
  6. Proven ability to introduce novel forms of art and inculcate the same in the curriculum effectively
  7. Demonstrated ability to enhance creativity among students by encouraging innovation, novelty, and originality in their pieces of art
  8. Familiar with various kinds of pixel sheets, sketching paper, and art material, fully capable of determining age-specific art material and techniques, suitable for assigned level and grades of children
  9. Known for initiating, designing, and implementing various art contests at the school to encourage a general appreciation for art among students
  10. Competent at identifying course goals and fulfilling the same in collaboration with students, teachers, and parents
  11. Proven skills in lesson planning, curriculum implementation, technique instruction, practice facilitation, and assignment communication
  12. Profound knowledge of various advanced-level 3D effect art techniques
  13. Strong classroom management, organization, and discipline control skills
  14. Exceptional ability to devise innovative learning and instructional techniques to facilitate the effective transfer of skill and knowledge
  15. Proficient in the use of a computer to aid art work, familiar with various graphic designing and drawing enhancement software