Event Planner Skills for Resume

Updated on October 17, 2015


As a potential candidate for an event planner position, you might be having the required caliber and skills required for the job but if these are not amply reflected in your resume, your candidacy does not stand a chance in today’s aggressive job market. Here are some tips that can prove to be helpful in this regard:

Showcase the skills your prospective employer is seeking: You may have a lot of relevant skills, however focus on the ones that the prospective employers deem relevant in reference to their current needs.

Use the exact words as in the advertisement: Using the key terms used by the employer is a good idea to enhance chances of your candidacy being viewed in a favorable light.

Show your employability: If you have any transferable skills, write them clearly, in light of the current role so that the employer can instantly see the relevance among your skills and the job requirements.

Following are sample skills for event planning resume.

Event Planning Skills for Resume

• Skilled in developing various themes and events while keeping the client’s preferences in mind
• Strong organizational, time management and task prioritization skills along with insightful ability to complete projects flawlessly on a strict timeline in limited budget
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, profound ability to negotiate productive deals with vendors
• Apt at idea conception, project outline development, theme approval, vendor negotiations and event marketing
• Track record of delivering high quality thematic event planning services and attaining 100% client satisfaction
• Well versed in meeting with clients, discussing the event details and developing a clear understanding of their expectations
• Strong presentation skills, solid ability to demonstrate sample themes using multimedia and graphic software
• Great attention to detail, fully able to manage given budget effectively
• Special knack for developing ample marketing strategies for social events and implementing the same real time, through social media and other advertisement channels
• Diverse knowledge of different cultures of the world, hands on experience in planning cross cultural weddings and multinational conferences catering for expected norms form both sides
• Expert in menu setting, venue selection, décor supervision, theme setting and project promotion
• Well practiced in overseeing the team of vendors, service suppliers, photographers, caterers and helpers
• Hands on experience in coordinating various non-government organization based fundraising and donor communication activities
• Strong numeracy skills with proven ability to manage budgets up till $15M effectively
• Particularly effective in devising print material, social media and TV/radio ad based campaigns for promotion of social events
• Demonstrated ability to design invites, make stay and travel arrangements for the guests and remind them regarding important dates
• Expert in pre-planning, onsite management and post program evaluation
• Ability to work autonomously while maintaining a dynamic work environment and keeping up a motivational team spirit among the employees

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