Music Teacher Resume Objective Examples

July 17, 2019

A pretty perplexing question that pops in the mind of almost every candidate while building a resume for any position these days is: do I need a summary or objective or both?

This is a very genuine question since majority of the resume writing guidance online promotes profile summaries more than objectives yet there is material in favor of objective statements as well.


The solution to this contradictory overload of information is summarized below.

The best choice between objective and summary is highly subjective and depends upon a number of factors.

These include: the career stage of the candidate, change in field and specifications issued by the employer.

• If the candidate is entry-level job seeker, the objective is the better choice.

• If the candidate is seeking a change in career, the objective will work better for them as compared to a summary.

• In case the employer has asked specifically for a career objective then undoubtedly it is best to include one in your resume.

The main features of a resume objective include specific mention of the position being sought, exact communication of the competencies of the candidate and the name of the institute where the position is being sought.

Combining the above-mentioned features of a profile summary and a resume objective can yield highly effective and power-packed resume objectives.


Music Teacher Resume Objective Examples

• Accomplished band director, choir leader and Music Instructor looking for a teaching position with the NY Music School. Coaching experience includes instrument playing, voice grooming and musical performance organization.

• Highly experienced, skilled and talented Music Teacher looking for a position with CO School. Competent in tailoring music lessons to meet the student’s needs and to cultivate their interest. Expert in various genres of music including classical, pop and rock.

• Multitalented music professional eager to impart teaching knowledge to the students of ABC School. 4+ years of success in designing and implementing diverse music lessons. Equally competent in the group and personal coaching in instrument playing and music theory lessons.

• To join the Daisy College in the capacity of a music teacher. Expertise includes; musical programs organization, student aptitude analysis and multisensory lessons.

• Dynamic and innovative music professional seeking a teaching position at the Daisy College. Track record of planning and delivering effectual lessons in music and instrument playing maintaining classroom decorum.

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