Butcher Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated: February 24, 2022

The retail-ready trays of meat that you see in grocery store freezers are all thanks to the extensive work that butchers or meat cutters do.

Butchers primarily work with retail chains, restaurants, and hotels.

A butcher’s job is challenging and requires a certain mindset that everyone does not have. So if you are passionate about handling raw meat, this job is definitely for you.

Butchers do not perform all these meat cutting jobs without training; it takes a certain amount of skills to remove skin and cut or grind meat to make it ready for sale.

Here is a list of common duties and responsibilities of a butcher. You can use these phrases to build a resume.

Sample Job Description for Butcher Resume

• Order and buy blocks of meat from companies and ensure that they are stored properly.

• Receive ordered meat supplies and ensure that the correct quantity and quality have been delivered.

• Move meat stock to cold storage areas and ensure that it is stored in a hygienic manner.

• Use a variety of meat cutting equipment to slice various types of cuts.

• Cut, trim, and bone meat according to predefined instructions.

• Ensure that different kinds of cuts are separated for easy packing purposes.

• Clean and wash prepared meat and wait for it to dry before placing it in Styrofoam trays.

• Ensure that all filled trays are packed with plastic wrap and either displayed in freezers or stored in cold storage.

• Maintain the display case to show each available cut of meat.

• Ensure that the cutting and packing area is clean and sanitized several times a day.

• Network with customers to provide them with information regarding different types of cuts and tips on how to cook them.

• Prepare and season processed meat cuts such as salami and sausages.

• Take and service complaints about returned meat items.

Job Requirements

To work as a butcher, you need to possess a high school diploma at the very least along with an interest in meat cutting and preserving activities.

Before you are assigned any duty, you will be required to understand how meat cutting equipment works and learn to process meat as well.

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