Second Grade Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: November 1, 2019

While some people advise that you may replicate the job description when you prepare a second-grade teacher resume.

But it might be dangerous if a prospective employer is using software for resume screening.


So if you are building a resume for a second-grade teacher job, you can pick words that describe your best in keeping with the needs of the prospective employer without duplicating their job description.

The following sample resume for 2nd-grade teacher will help you in this regard.

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Second Grade Teacher Resume Sample


Courtney Jackson
647 Minniville Road, Woodbridge, VA 33443
(000) 102-1421
jackc @ email . com


Self-directed and resourceful teaching professional with 7+ years of hands-on experience in elementary teaching. Proficient in developing core curriculum to target students’ social, educational and cognitive development. Effectively develops and implements instructional programs targeted at reaching individual learning objectives.

• A role-model with a functional ability to work with individual students to help them become self-directed and confident in class and during playtime. • Well-versed in designing innovative activities for students.
• Recognized for creating a fun and challenging classroom environment for students.
• Strong passion for literacy, motivation, and inspiration.

– Discipline Implementation
– Standards Setting
– Interactive Learning
– Parents Interaction
– Patience
– Special Education
– Student Assessment
– Mentoring and Counseling
– Behavioral Management
– Instructional Strategies
– Test Administration

• Developed and implemented an effective environment for 2nd-grade students through functional displays, bulletins, and interest centers.
• Increased student involvement in after class projects by 40% utilizing effective mentoring abilities.
• Designed lesson plans and instructional materials from scratch, following the implementation of the new curriculum.
• Introduced instructional strategies such as group discussion and inquiry, which helped in bringing student grades from an average of B to A.


Second Grade Teacher
Barrington Community School, Woodridge, VA | 11/2014 – Present

• Teach reading, language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, art and physical education to second-grade students
• Create and impart effective lesson plans for each subject
• Develop instructional materials related to each subject and concept to be used during class instruction
• Establish and maintain standards of student behavior and indulge in behavioral management duties when needed
• Create and administer tests and check and grade test papers

Second Grade Teacher
St. Peter’s Elementary School, Woodridge, VA | 5/2010 – 11/2014

• Provided students with extra help with difficult lessons and assisted them with class assignments
• Observed students, evaluated their academic and social growth, and prepared progress reports
• Communicated with parents to provide them with insight into their children’s academic progress
• Provided one-on-one support to students
• Oversaw students during class and recess time

Teacher Assistant
Zuni Public School, Woodridge, VA | 1/2009 – 5/2010

• Assisted lead teacher in creating and imparting lessons
• Provided support in developing core curriculum
• Created instructional materials and taught students to make good use of them
• Observed and oversaw students during class and in playgrounds
• Assisted in managing classroom behavior by implementing behavioral standards
• Created class progress reports and graded tests and assignments

B.A. Elementary Education – 2008
Virginia State University, Woodridge, VA