5th Grade Teacher Cover Letter

5th grade teachers are trained to provide students with a strong educational base that should help them in middle school programs. They are expected to design and implement a curriculum that addresses 5th graders’ core educational needs along with ensuring that they are provided with instruction on social skills and behavior.

Since the elementary years of a child are very important, it is important for a teacher at this position to formulate curriculum that best suits each individual student’s need. This may include teaching a variety of subjects including reading, social studies, arts, sciences and mathematics.

If you are a trained teacher and can meet the demands of 5th grade studies, you may be benefited from the following cover letter when applying for this position.


5th Grade Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Sally Field
239 Jennifer Lynn Drive
Paducah, KY 44012
(020) 999-9923
sally @ email . com

February 2, 2014

Mr. James Collins
Manager Human Resources
Paducah Middle School
637 Rapids Road
Paducah, KY 77733


Dear Mr. Collins:

The formative years of little children are the most important and the presence of a good teacher in their lives is equally important. While most people differ, I believe that a trained teacher is the only good teacher. I have been specifically trained to manage both elementary and middle years and deem myself an excellent choice for the position of a 5th Grade Teacher at Paducah Middle School.

My focus has always been on providing children with the benefit of a good curriculum but I am equally focused on their physical, mental, social and emotional development. Taking both these challenges together and striving towards making them work is a passion that I take very seriously.

With a solid background in developing and implementing educational curriculums and ensuring to maintain a standard of behavior, my work has been instrumental in achieving a functional atmosphere. I believe in communicating with both parents and school management at every stage of a child’s development and have been very successful in implementing my choice of plans.

From the enclosed resume you will see that I either meet or exceed all the needs that you have provided in your advertisement. I am available for an immediate interview and look forward to discussing my aspirations in person with you!

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Sally Field

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