Sample Sick Leave Email to Boss (+Writing Tips)

Updated on: April 13, 2022
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The most accessible mode of communication with a colleague or a boss is through email.

This is especially true when you are too sick to send an application by hand.

A sick leave email to your boss details information about the illness that is stopping you from going to work.

It also mentions how long you intend not to go to work.

It is important to write a sick leave email to your boss for two reasons:

  1. To let your boss know that you will not come to work on a particular day or some days.
  2. To show that you are a responsible individual.

If your boss is aware of the fact that one employee will not come on a specific day, he will be able to make arrangements to get some alternative resources. They will appreciate an email written by you explaining the reason.

The following is a sample sick leave email written to the boss. You can get ideas from this sample.

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Sample Sick Leave Email to Boss

Subject: Sick Leave

Dear Mr. Phillips:

I am writing to inform you that I will not be able to arrive in the office today September 8, 2020.

As I had been feeling unwell for the previous three days due to severe nausea and stomach ache. Therefore, I visited my doctor yesterday who diagnosed me with acute gastritis. She prescribed me some medication to take for seven days.

While I am feeling somewhat better after the first couple of doses of medicines, I believe that I will not be very productive today. I anticipate that I will be ready to work after two or three days. By all means, I will keep you updated.

My co-worker Ms. Sally Green has graciously offered to take up my workload. She will be happy to handle my clients in my absence. If you feel that you want to transfer my work to any other employee, please feel free to do so. My office email will remain active, and I will be replying to my clients from home.

In case my condition will not be improved by tomorrow morning, I will inform you so that some temporary arrangements can be made to handle my workload.

Thank you for your support and understanding in this regard.


Chloe Hansen
Account Manager
(000) 325-8545

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