Sample Email for Sending References

Updated on April 17, 2017

Emails are used for several purposes – mostly, emails are used as a communication tool between professionals. So whether it is information that you need or want to give to someone, or you want to communicate a plan, the email is the way to go forward! There is one more instance when an email comes in handy – when sending references to a prospective employer.

Once it has been decided that you are the best choice to hire – and the same has been communicated to you – a hiring manager will ask for references who can vouch for you. To be perfectly candid, you may be asked to provide references before this decision has been made, especially if the hiring manager is sure that you are the right person to hire. A list of references will just give your case an added kick!

How does one go about sending a list of references in an email? There are two ways that you can do this. Either, write the details of each reference in the email content and send it verbatim. Or, create a list in a word processing software and attach the document. It is best if you do that latter so that the employer can easily print the document, and does not become confused when determining what part of the email to print, and which to leave out because it is irrelevant.

Here is sample email that can be used for sending references:


Sample Email for Sending References


Email Subject: List of References (Sarah Butler – Front Desk Manager)


Dear Ms. Cobain:

Thank you for taking out the time to interview me in detail. I appreciate the insight that you provided to me, regarding the work that I will be expected to perform if I am chosen to fill the position of a Front Desk Manager at Apria Healthcare.

As you requested, I am attaching a list of 3 references that you require to further process my job application. This information is being provided in the strictest of confidence, after obtaining approvals from all the people whose contact details are mentioned in the list. I request you to contact Mr. Aaron Boyd (Manager Logistics at Yates Healthcare) after April 25, 2011, as he is on a holiday in Poland. The rest can be contacted as and when you require.

Please contact me at (000) 333-6530 if you need any additional information that will help with processing my job application.



Sarah Butler

Attachment: References