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Pediatric RN Cover Letter Sample

Pediatric RNs do not really specialize in pediatrics other than the on the job training that they acquire. They work alongside pediatricians and assist them with administering medication and handling young patients. Pediatric RNs are also required to educate their patients and the families about procedures and medication. They are expected to maintain an environment… Read More »

Sample Letter of Interest for Nursing Position

Nurses work at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and private homes or schools. They are required to perform a variety of medical functions like administering medication, taking vitals, and recording patient information. The purpose of a letter of interest for the Nursing Position is to introduce your education, credentials, and professional background to the prospective employer.… Read More »

Nurse Midwife Cover Letter Sample

Nurse-Midwives are responsible for providing primary health care to mothers and infants. They assess patients and provide them medical treatment as per protocols. Moreover, they educate patients to ensure effective and high-quality midwifery services.  Usually, health care settings employ midwives, or they work as a self-governing health care provider. In order to become a nurse-midwife, you… Read More »

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Cover Letter Sample

Clinical Nurse Specialists are experienced professionals who have completed their higher education (usually a master’s degree) and training in the analysis and management of ordinary medical conditions and chronic illnesses. A Clinical Nurse Specialist cover letter works efficiently when a candidate specifies his or her expertise and how this expertise can be used to contribute… Read More »