ER Nurse Cover Letter Sample

November 10, 2019

An ER nurse cover letter is a marketing tool that enhances your chances of being considered for a position.

In comparison with the resume, your cover letter must be more personalized and employer-specific.


How to Write an ER Nurse Cover Letter?

• Don’t just expand the information as given in your resume. Instead, tell them what you offer in terms of competence and how you can address their needs and expectations.

• Show your unique skills and personality traits that will be beneficial for the prospective employer.

Below is a sample cover letter for ER Nurse Resume for your guidance.



ER Nurse Cover Letter Example


Celine Davis, RN
211 Watson Ave, Houston, TX 43209
(000) 145-4521

November 10, 2019

Mr. Jake Newson
HR Manager
Medhelp Hospital
443 Heather Lane
Houston, TX 43209


Dear Mr. Newson:

I am responding to your advertisement for the position of an ER Nurse at Medhelp Hospital. Considering the parity between your job demands and my competencies, I am confident that I am the best contender for this job.

As stated in the enclosed resume, I am an experienced ER nurse who is graduated from Texas College of Nursing and has been associated with the American Nurse Association for the past three years. Specifically, I am proficient in wound dressing, emergency life support and initial assessment of patients. Also, I have been actively participating in various community awareness programs under the supervision of ANA.

The following qualifications make me an exceptional contender:

• Track record of developing patient care plans based on physician consult reports.
• Competent in routine patient monitoring.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Adept at collecting personal and family history, and briefing the patients about medical procedures.

I will call your office next Thursday to follow-up. Should you have any questions regarding my candidacy in the meantime? Please feel free to contact me at (000) 145-4521.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Celine Davis

Enc. Resume and Portfolio

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