Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Example

Updated on: July 1, 2021

More than the resume, it is the cover letter that makes employers take notice of an applicant’s eligibility to work for them.

Every employer looks for perfect people to work for them. And since expectations are so high, it is often difficult to fulfill them completely. But even if you can fulfill them to a halfway mark, you are good to go!

Unfortunately, many job seekers do not pay much attention to nurse practitioner cover letters, deeming them nothing more than a mere wrapping paper for a resume. Wrong!

A cover letter is much more than a superficial wrapping. It is a solid communication tool.

To determine how a cover letter should be written to be absolutely effective, view at the sample below:

Sample Cover Letter for Nurse Practitioner Position

Selena Maddison
652 Hudson Ave
Wasilla, AK 20102
(000) 888-2020
Selena @ email . com

July 1, 2021

Ms. Samantha Fox
Nurse Manager
The Health Facility
654 Chapman Road
Wasilla, AK 25259

Dear Ms. Fox:

This letter and attached resume are in response to your nurse practitioner position at The Health Facility. 

Aiming to acquire major in a specialty – preferably oncology – my objective is to provide both awareness and assistance to patients suffering from or at risk of cancer. Since The Health Facility is quite active in campaigning for cancer awareness, I believe that you will find my professional profile interesting.

While working for North Eastern Hospital, I was responsible for implementing preventative health assessments for women in the community which resulted in a staggering 53% decline in cancer-related hospitalizations. I have other achievements that I would like to elaborate on but I feel that an interview will prove be to more insightful than mere words on paper.

I will call you after the holidays to determine if you have a free slot for a meeting. In the interim, I can be reached at (000) 888-2020.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Selena Maddison

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