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ESL Instructor Cover Letter Sample

Teaching English as a second language is no easy work. But if you are a trained ESL instructor, you can effectively handle the challenges associated with it. The problem is that a hiring manager won’t know how skilled you are as an ESL instructor unless you tell him or her. And the best way to… Read More »

ESL Instructor Resume Sample

There are several ways in which you can write a resume to apply for an ESL instructor position. Choosing the right format is vital to the success of your resume. In it, mention why you feel that you are the best at what you do.   In your ESL instructor’s resume, focus on your offerings.… Read More »

ESL Instructor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Position Overview Globalization has great benefits, one of which is the people from different backgrounds and with diverse skills can get together and work towards a common goal. However, language issues can put a damper on an individual’s work abilities. This is why it is important for foreign students to learn English as a second… Read More »

Assistant Swim Instructor Interview Questions and Answers

When appearing for an interview for an assistant swim instructor position, make sure that you are ready to give answers to difficult questions. You will need to know what the work is all about – previous experience in this regard will be a great helper.   If you haven’t worked in a similar capacity before,… Read More »

Assistant Swim Instructor Resume Sample

How to Write an Assistant Swim Instructor Resume? There is more than one way in which you can create a resume for an assistant swim instructor and catch the hiring manager’s eye. Typically, your skills and experience in leading swimming classes under the instruction of an instructor will be tested when a hiring manager reads… Read More »

Assistant Swim Instructor Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter written to apply for an assistant swim instructor position must include information of the candidate’s ability to impart swimming lessons in accordance with the instructions provided by the lead instructor. Knowing the art of swimming is very important – equally important is to provide information on your talent to ensure students’ safety… Read More »

Fitness Instructor Resume No Experience

Writing a resume when applying for a fitness instructor position, especially when you do not have prior experience is not easy. A resume is an amalgamation of a lot of information, such as skills, accomplishments, and competencies.   If you have had no experience, you can simply focus on these areas. Specifically, a fitness instructor… Read More »

Fitness Instructor Cover Letter No Experience

A fitness instructor who has had no previous experience in the work can still gain a good position, provided that he or she has had the training for it. But training or not, your cover letter to apply for the job has to be well written.   It is pertinent to mention that a hiring… Read More »

Swim Instructor Cover Letter No Experience

Working as a swimming instructor may have been your dream for a while, but if you have no experience in the past, it may feel a bit difficult to write a cover letter to apply. There is absolutely no need to worry. Let us help you. As a swimming instructor, your main job will be… Read More »

Karate/Martial Arts Instructor Resume Sample

A karate instructor may be hired in schools or institutes that specifically teach karate. The work of a karate instructor is to ensure that the group of students assigned to him or her is trained in karate, and can meet their own goals, and those of the institute. Writing a Karate/Martial Arts Instructor resume can… Read More »