Entry Level Lifeguard Resume With No Experience

Updated on: June 20, 2020

Lifeguards are skilled swimmers who ensure the protection of swimmers and people around pool areas and beaches. They work at pools and beaches, youth associations, schools, community recreation departments, personal swim clubs, and hotels.

Lifeguards have to be qualified in water safety. They know how to begin rescue and take a distressed swimmer away from the water.

They also know first aid and able to give artificial respiration if needed. In an effort to make sure swimmers’ safety, lifeguards watch for situations that could make accidents possible. They do not permit rough play or hazardous objects in the water or the surrounding areas.

Writing your first resume for the position of a lifeguard is not a difficult task. In order to craft a good resume, you should find out the needs of the prospective employer through their advertisement.

The following sample resume of an entry-level lifeguard will help you write your first resume for a lifeguard job. Also, see this Lifeguard Cover Letter to make a perfect job application set.

Lifeguard Resume With No Experience

Claire Lee
Apt 11, Atlanta Avenue, Peterborough, ON D5S 1C1
(000) 222-8547
Email Address

Competent and enthusiastic individual, looking for a part-time position as a lifeguard with Marriott.

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – Ongoing
St. Andrews University, Peterborough, ON

• Certified American Red Cross Lifeguard
• First Aid and CPR – 2019

• Knowledge of day to day maintenance of the pool area.
• Able to ensure a safe and clean environment for members and guests.
• Committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable pool or beach environment.
• Adept at providing emergency care and treatment.

• Communication
• Customer Service
• Personal safety
• Observation
• Public Interaction


Summer 2020
AAA Babysitting Agency, Peterborough, ON
• Provided ongoing and compassionate care to children of different age groups.
• Organized leisure activities for children.
• Helped children swim in the home pool.
• Watched over children in the pool area.

• Advanced knowledge of basic swim techniques and strokes
• Ability to react rapidly yet calmly in emergency situations
• Able to work well with children and elderly swimmers
• Demonstrated ability to follow instructions timely and efficiently

Excellent professional references available

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