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Reference Letter for an Instructional Assistant Position

Reference letters need to target the recommendation in question; the writer often has to ask himself what he is writing a reference letter for. Academic positions, full-time and volunteer jobs, background checks, and personal references are some of the common reasons for writing a reference letter. Once the target is decided, it becomes easier to… Read More »

Instructional Assistant Skills and Qualifications

An Instructional Assistant’s work has many facets – all of them are extremely important. A major part of an instructional assistant’s job is to help teachers with the planning and implementation of programs intended for students based on specific philosophies, goals, and objectives of a particular school. High school graduation or a GED is usually… Read More »

Instructional Assistant Resume Example

Writing a good resume for the Instructional Assistant position entails that you worked hard to prepare your job application package to bring your relevant background to the notice of a prospective employer. How to Write an Excellent Resume for Instructional Assistant Position? Do a personal evaluation and define your job-related skills and qualifications to yourself… Read More »