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Campus Monitor Resume Sample

A campus monitor is hired specifically to provide school management with assistance in handling the various areas of the campus in terms of safety of students. The work requires one to show a lot of responsibility. And it cannot be performed by just anyone. However, if you have prior experience in this regard, you can… Read More »

Educator Summary / Profile for Resume

A profile or a summary is required at the top of Educator resume, to provide hiring managers with information about the candidate. This information is important for one very obvious reason, and that is to make sure that the hiring manager is made aware of an individual’s capabilities, before he or she gets to the… Read More »

Assistant Principal Cover Letter Sample

Good cover letters for assistant principal position are not those that are long and sketchy. In fact, good cover letters are ones that are exceptional at communicating a candidate’s abilities in an eloquent manner. Writing a cover letter is especially challenging when you are writing it the first time – but even if you have… Read More »

High School Assistant Principal Job Description for Resume

High schools (or any school for that matter) need many people to make sure that they run in a proper manner. An assistant principal is hired to provide a principal with support in creating and implementing curriculum, handling hiring and training work, and ensuring that all school systems are properly set in place. These individuals… Read More »

School Principal Cover Letter Sample

Cover letters for school principal position can be written in a dozen different ways, sending as many messages to a hiring authority. The problem with not following a pattern is that they can often backfire, leaving the applicant in a lot of problem. Cover letters are always read before resumes are, and if your cover… Read More »

Principal Cover Letter Example

Your cover letter writing efforts will never go to waste if you first endeavor to understand what a principal cover letter is all about. The main purpose of a cover letter is to provide a hiring manager with enough information for him to figure you out as a possible match to his requirements. Many of… Read More »

Principal Job Description for Resume

The head of any school is usually a principal who gets to call the shots. However, heading a school by ordering staff members around is not their only work. Principals are responsible for a lot of important decision making within a school. It is their job to make sure that the school is run tightly… Read More »

Principal Interview Questions and Answers

What scares you most about interviews for principal position? The answer to this question is usually “sitting across the table from an interviewer who is bent on grilling me into the next century”. The fact that one feels a bit intimidated during interviews is not lost on the interviewer. And he or she will do… Read More »

Assistant Principal Interview Questions and Answers

When an interviewing is looming, you need to pick up your life jacket and hit the water. The “life jacket” here denotes preparation. Without preparing for an interview, you cannot expect to ace an interview, no matter how hard you try. You may know all that there is to know about the work that you… Read More »