An Instructional Assistant’s work has many facets – all of them are extremely important. A major part of an instructional assistant’s work is to help teachers with the planning and implementation of programs intended for students based on specific philosophies, goals and objectives of a particular school. A High school graduation or a GED is usually a prerequisite of this job.

Since Instructional Assistant job is essentially a supportive position, there are many aspects of this profession that a candidate will need to keep in mind when applying. The perfect candidate need to possess a temperament that has the capability to adhere to the institute’s rules and regulations while performing and ensuring safety procedures associated with this position.

One of the major duties of an instructional assistant is to provide assistance with in-service training or family or community education depending on the organization he or she is working for. Screening, assessment and documentation of different procedures are just some of the more important services that instructional assistants provide.

Since instructional assistants are largely responsible for assisting teachers in assimilating materials for class activities, they need to be able to work with physical and mental dexterity so that they can perform their tasks to the standards set. This position requires a candidate to be a quick thinker and an easy going professional who can adapt quickly to different environments and job duties.

Following are a number of qualifications’ phrases for an instructional assistant resume. You may add these statements in the skills section instead:

Instructional Assistant Skills and Qualifications for Resume

• Track record of reinforcing lessons presented by teachers

• Able to implement school and class rules to assist teach students appropriate behavior

• Highly skilled in assisting teachers with secretarial tasks such as recordkeeping, attendance management and grades calculation

• Well versed in helping teachers arrange lessons by getting materials ready or setting up relevant equipment, such as computers

• Proven record of supervising students in and outside of class

• Sound knowledge of student behavior and concepts of cognitive development

• Strong verbal and written communication skills

• Profound ability to use MS Office and Excel, and PowerPoint for preparing presentations

• Good understanding of the academic environment

• Effective problem solving capability

The skills listed here are, by no means, a complete list that instructional assistants are supposed to possess. These are just for reference and an overall review of what this job entails. By following these phrases as a guideline and standard, you may add employer’s specific skills and qualifications in your resume.