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Updated on June 6, 2019

Food Service Assistant Resume BannerA food service assistant usually works at the entry level. Their primary job is to plan and serve food to people in cafeterias, hospitals, and schools.


Before building your resume for a food service assistant job, consider the following two questions:

Are you qualified for this position?

Do you fully understand the employer’s requirements?

Do you possess the right food service skills to perform the job?



This is the analysis part – and this part is what will help you tremendously in writing your food service assistant resume correctly.

In order to understand how to write a good resume for this position, here is an example that you can follow:


Food Service Assistant Resume Sample


Elizabeth Cooper
321 Coville Drive, Browns Mills, NJ 66961
(000) 458-2535


A well-organized and dedicated individual with deep insight into handling food service duties in a cafeteria environment. Able to prepare and serve food according to set recipes while ensuring customer satisfaction. Work well in a team-oriented environment and individually without direct supervision. Bilingual: English and Spanish.


• Food Storage
• Workplace Sanitation
• Serving Etiquette
• Record-keeping
• Waste Disposal
• Order Taking
• Inventory Management
• Equipment Operation
• Upselling


Food Service Assistant
ABC COMPANY, Brown Mills, NJ (11/2015 – Present)

• Take and verify orders while noting them down accurately
• Present, arrange and serve food and beverages in a professional and aesthetically pleasing manner
• Follow set policies and procedures regarding workplace safety and sanitation
• Efficiently operate and maintain equipment such as ovens, grills, and coffeemakers to ensure delivery of prompt service
• Clean and sanitize tables, surfaces, and equipment such as coffeemakers and ovens

Cafeteria Hand
BROWN MILLS HIGH SCHOOL, Brown Mills, NJ (6/2015 – 11/2015)

• Greeted students, parents, and staff members
• Took and recorded orders
• Provided timelines for order deliveries
• Followed up on each order from the kitchen staff
• Filled glasses with water while ensuring that all condiments were available on tables
• Served food and beverage items and took orders for additional ones
• Assisted in preparing food items such as sandwiches and soups, especially during rush hours

High School Diploma

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