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April 16, 2020
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A food service assistant works in cafeterias, hospitals, and schools. Their primary job is to plan and serve food to people

Before building your resume for a food service assistant job, consider the following two questions:

Are you qualified for this position?

Do you fully understand the employer’s requirements?

Do you possess the right food service skills to perform the job?

This is the analysis part – and this part is what will help you tremendously in writing your food service assistant resume correctly.

In order to understand how to write a good resume for this position, here is an example that you can follow:

Sample Resume for Food Service Assistant

Elizabeth Cooper
321 Coville Drive, Browns Mills, NJ 66961
(000) 458-2535


A well-organized and dedicated individual with deep insight into handling food service duties in a cafeteria environment. Able to prepare and serve food according to set recipes while ensuring customer satisfaction. Work well in a team-oriented environment and individually without direct supervision. Bilingual: English and Spanish.


• Food Storage
• Workplace Sanitation
• Serving Etiquette
• Upselling
• Communcation
• Record-keeping
• Waste Disposal
• Order Taking
• Inventory Management
• Equipment Operation


Food Service Assistant
BC COMPANY, Brown Mills, NJ (11/2015 – Present)
• Take and verify orders while noting them down accurately
• Present, arrange and serve food and beverages in a professional and aesthetically pleasing manner
• Follow set policies and procedures regarding workplace safety and sanitation
• Efficiently operate and maintain equipment such as ovens, grills, and coffeemakers to ensure delivery of prompt service
• Clean and sanitize tables, surfaces, and equipment such as coffeemakers and ovens

Cafeteria Hand
BROWN MILLS HIGH SCHOOL, Brown Mills, NJ (6/2015 – 11/2015)
• Greeted students, parents, and staff members
• Took and recorded orders
• Provided timelines for order deliveries
• Followed up on each order from the kitchen staff
• Filled glasses with water while ensuring that all condiments were available on tables
• Served food and beverage items and took orders for additional ones
• Assisted in preparing food items such as sandwiches and soups, especially during rush hours

High School Diploma

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