Food Service Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 28, 2021

Never let your food service resume leave without a cover letter.

A cover letter works as a bodyguard – if a resume is lacking in something, the cover letter covers it up – no pun intended! And never let your cover letter leave without placing some relevant skills in them, as skills are central to driving workplace wins.

It is essential to learn how to identify your skills and to believably write them in a cover letter.

By doing so, you are moving from the crowd to the choice. Decoding your skills lineup is not too complicated if you can self-assess. When you know how good you are, it is easy to spell it out for other people also.

However, showing off is not done. Exaggeration leads to disappointment. Hiring managers know exactly when a candidate is telling the truth and when he may have gone over the top. Be careful with your word use.

Your claims of skills in a cover letter are not enough. Make the information that you provide a little more believable by giving examples of things you did that made you shine. You may pass the initial screening process otherwise, but at the interview stage, you will not get through. Pre-prepare!

For a food service worker position, here is a sample cover letter:

Sample Cover Letter for Food Service Position

May 28, 2021

Mr. Harry Pole
Hiring Manager
Mercy Health
2365 Laura Lee Circle
Eagle River, AK 99723

Dear Mr. Pole:

My knack for interacting with people, coupled with more than five years of foodservice experience, make me an ideal candidate for the Food Service Worker position you advertised on your website.

As a seasoned food service worker who has worked in hospital kitchens for over 5 years, I now have an inherent sense of preparing just the kind of food a patient will require, according to his disease or condition. And this alone makes me an excellent contender for a food service worker position at Mercy Health.

Additionally, I am well-versed in maintaining ideal food storage conditions to decrease food spoilage and waste. As a complete perfectionist where food preparation and service is concerned, you will find me well-versed in portioning and wrapping food, measuring ingredients, and ensuring sanitizing procedures are correctly followed.

I look forward to meeting with you in person or virtually to discuss this in detail. My resume is attached for your perusal. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Charles King

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