Food Service Aide Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: June 23, 2022

Your resume for the foodservice aide position is an excellent document as it does great things.

You can show all that you want, and you will be judged accordingly. But there is also a limit that you have to remain within.

For instance, a resume is never about your hobbies and interests (unless specifically asked for by the employer). So be sensible when writing your resume. 

The following sample will guide you further.

Sample Resume for Food Service Aide

Chrissy Mane
799 Pine Street
Nashua, NH 70032
(000) 380-2090


Professional… Friendly… Helpful Demeanor

Over eight years of dedicated experience in performing a variety of patient and non-patient food service duties. Proficient in preparing and delivering patient trays, serving meals, preparing salads, and washing dishes. A highly approachable and pleasant individual who is known to work collaboratively in a medical care setting.


✓ Food Preparation✓ Food Serving Protocols
✓ Food Waste Management✓ Storage and Inventory
✓ Sanitation✓ Menu Preparation Assistance
✓ Housekeeping✓ Food Temperature Calibration
✓ Nutrition Assurance✓ Portioning
✓ Supplies Replenishment✓ Equipment Maintenance

• Suggested incorporation of MSG-free food items in the menu, resulting in an increased number of patients recovering from chronic diseases.
• Reduced food waste by 55% by introducing a novel portioning system that allowed for additional portions if required by patients.
• Revamped the food inventory system, making it 75% more efficient than earlier.
• Successfully prepared and served food trays to 100 patients in the event of 5 food service aides being absent from work on the same day.


Food Service Aide
Morton Hospital, Nashua, NH
2012 – Present
• Look through patients’ charts to determine the type of food that is allowed to them.
• Provide instructions to cooks and food preparers regarding each patient’s specific nutrition needs.
• Assist food preparers and cooks in preparing food items for assigned patients and portion items according to standard.
• Prepare special food items for patients with dietary control requirements due to conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
• Properly set food trays with appropriate food and beverage items.
• Carry food trays to patients’ rooms and ensure that they are served to them according to the protocol.
• Pick up trays from patients’ rooms once they have finished and transport them back to the kitchen area.
• Ensure that food allergy lists are adhered to while preparing food items for specific patients.
• Clean and maintain kitchen equipment such as grills, ovens, and hot plates, and ensure that the kitchen sanitation standard is maintained.

Cafeteria Aide
The Nashua Hospital, Nashua, NH
2009 – 2012
• Presented menus to customers and staff members and noted down their orders.
• Relayed order information to the kitchen area and followed up on it to ensure timely delivery.
• Checked prepared orders for portion conformity and served verified orders to customers and staff members.
• Cleaned the cafeteria continuously according to established protocols.
• Oversaw food and supplies inventory and notified cafeteria supervisor of any low stock situations.

Grocery Helper
Well Co, Nashua, NH | 2008 – 2009

High School Diploma | 2008
Nashua High School, Nashua, NH

“I am a personable individual who works extremely well with residents.”

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