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Dental Lab Technician Resume Sample

Getting your dream job as a dental lab technician is becoming more and more challenging with time. To survive in today’s overly saturated and highly competitive job market, candidates need to revolutionize their existing resumes. Effective resumes for Dental Lab Technician are: • Very brief and highly relevant to the position• Smartly formatted, aided by… Read More »

Dental Laboratory Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Position Overview Dental laboratory technicians work with dentists in dental facilities. While they do not have many chairside duties, they are considered an essential part of a dental facility. Their main work is to take instructions from a dentist and create dental prosthetics and orthodontic appliances such as partial dentures and porcelain veneers for patients.… Read More »

Dental Technician Reference Letter Sample

Dental technicians spend a significant part of their day behind the scenes working feverishly to design dental appliances for dental patients. They are trained in devising crowns, bridges, and dentures upon instructions from a certified dentist. Besides that, they receive prescriptions from dentists and confer with them before attempting to manufacture items. Most appliances that dental… Read More »