Dental Lab Technician Resume Sample

Getting your dream job as a dental lab technician is becoming more and more challenging with time. To survive in today’s overly saturated and highly competitive job market, candidates need to revolutionize their existing resumes.

Effective resumes for Dental Lab Technician are:

• Very brief and highly relevant to the position
• Smartly formatted, aided by bullets and tables
• Achievement oriented rather than JD oriented
• Customized for one specific position
• Tailored to suit the needs of a certain prospective employer
• Summary based, focusing on the strengths of the candidate right at the beginning

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Dental Lab Technician Resume Sample


Samuel Jacob

230 Olive Lane • Charlotte, NC 98003 • (003) 333-2222 • samuel @ email . com


Detail-oriented dental technology professional with good analytical skills and a strong expertise in grasping the dentist’s requirements. Effective communicator with strong verbal and written skills. Competent in all areas of dental fabrication and fully knowledgeable regarding latest dental lab research based technology. Proven ability to work under stress while meeting challenging deadlines. Track record of maintaining and improving patients’ oral health by fabricating prostheses as per dentist’s prescription and ADA’s applicable guidelines.


● Cast Mounting● Impression Fabricating● Occlusion Rims
● Color Matching● Denture Waxing● Custom Tray Setting
● Size/Shape Molding● Reline Procedures● Restoration Fabrication
● Denture Replication● Acrylic Repair● Permanent Braces


DENTAL ONE, Charlotte, NC
Dental Lab Technician, 7/2011 to Present

Replace partially or fully lost teeth with dentures. Construct dentures, bridges, crowns, inlays and veneers based on dentist’s instructions. Read prescriptions carefully and determine the materials required to make the desired product. Build and shape models on basis of given specifications, assist in implanting of the same.

Key Accomplishments:
• Pioneered in fractional blending recycled acrylic into plaster fabrications that led to a 75% increase in the durability and stability of dentures without increasing overall cost
• Received the most accurate dental technician award in 2013

Assistant Dental Lab Technician, 4/2009 to 6/2011

Fabricated dental implants based on dentists specified sizes and dimensions. Assisted in restoration of natural teeth by preparation and installation of crowns and bridges and building of wax replicas and ceramic dental replacements.

Key Accomplishments:
• Rebuilt flawless duplicate dentures that enhanced client satisfaction by 30%
• Attained 100% bubble free mould models by practicing and implementing contemporary molding techniques

Associates Degree in Dental Technology

• American Dental Association (ADA)
• International Dental Technology Research Centre (ADTRC)

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