Dental Laboratory Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 1, 2022
Position Overview

Dental laboratory technicians work with dentists in dental facilities.

While they do not have many chairside duties, they are considered an essential part of a dental facility.

Their main work is to take instructions from a dentist and create dental prosthetics and orthodontic appliances such as partial dentures and porcelain veneers for patients.

Primary Responsibilities

A dental laboratory technician’s primary responsibility is to fill orders for dentists based on individual patient information.

As part of their work, they create models of patients’ mouths using both physical and computerized molds using wax, porcelain, and plaster.


Preferred educational requirements for a dental laboratory technician include a college degree program in dental technology.

Some dental laboratory technicians may also be hired if they have a high school diploma on the condition that they obtain on-the-job training.

Since handling work in a dental laboratory needs much in terms of detail and concentration, employers prefer to hire people who are focused and have can handle detailed work.

Skills and Abilities

This position needs a lot of manual dexterity and technical skills, so it is important to take training in this field very seriously.

The ability to use dental equipment is a definite prerequisite to this job.

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Dental Laboratory Technician Duties and Responsibilities

• Take orders from the dentist regarding patients’ needs for dental fixtures.

• Confer with dentists about specifications and models to determine the design of a fixture.

• Perform fabricating, altering, and repairing activities on dental devices such as crowns, dentures, and bridges.

• Melt metals and mix plaster and acrylic paste to form dental prostheses and apparatuses.

• Test fabrication and baking equipment to ensure that they conform to specification and accuracy of occlusion.

• Construct partial or full dentures depending on the specific work order.

• Manufacture fixed and removable dental appliances to correct dental irregularities.

• Fabricate and fix dental implants directly on patients’ jawbones.

• Replace facial and body tissue by fabricating maxillo-facial prosthetics for patients who have had facial injuries.

• Pour denture mixtures in models after performing trimming activities.

• Handle dental restorations by building and finishing porcelain and metal fusions.

• Prepare wax impression trays and cast metal or gold alloys for denture bases.

• Mold wax over artificial gums to gauge contours and sizes.

• Order supplies and equipment to ensure the availability of materials at all times.

• Create and maintain an inventory of dental lab equipment and supplies.

• Inspect dental equipment for repair, maintenance, or replacement needs.

• Report defective equipment or expired materials so that corrective action can be taken.

• Prepare reports on activities taking place within the dental lab on a periodic basis.