Culinary Externship Resume Sample

Updated May 19, 2019

Resume writing is a complex task at all career levels; however, the difficulty enhances if the resume is for an externship/internship position.

Since culinary externships typically enroll culinary students who are expected to deal with and indirectly serve many valued customers at various fine restaurants, the employers are very choosy while selecting candidates.


Resume writing experts recommend the use of vivid and objective formats for culinary externship resumes.

This format support document optimization and furnish the candidate with better chances of selection.

An objective is perhaps the most crucial section for an externship resume since this is the section where the potential employer will find out what exactly are your ambitions.



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Culinary Externship Resume Sample


Nancy Francis
362 Harvest Lane, Hinsdale, IL 78332
(003) 555-7777
nancy. francis @ email . com


To secure an externship in culinary with Marriot where training and acquired culinary skills combined with a genuine love for cookery and in-depth understanding of customer protocol can be utilized productively.


Cooking and Baking

• Expert in developing hygienic and diet recipes for guests with special requirements
• Skilled in menu setting and inventory maintenance
• Capable of creating an exceptional presentation of exotic dishes
• Matchless coordination ability to ensure that food is ready to be served at the right time and appropriate temperature


• Skilled in salad cutting and mixing
• Efficient in providing chef assistance including pastry prep
• Trained in storing leftover food and reheating the same in a hygienic manner
• Capable of maintaining work station in a neat, clean and sanitary way


• Skilled in innovative buffet creations
• Expertise in traditional and modern table arrangements
• Well versed in customer dealing protocols
• Exceptional teamwork and coordination skills


• Familiarity with kitchen based electronic equipment
• Ability to recreate signature dishes with an exact presentation based on written instructions
• In-depth knowledge of various food groups and complimenting combinations
• Knowledgeable of state-approved kitchen hygiene standards
• Food Handler’s Card Holder
• Ability to follow written recipes to the book


Volunteer Baker
St. Paul’s Church, Hinsdale, IL | Summer 2018

• Volunteered to bake at Multiple Charity bake sales at Christmas, 2012


Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts
Deli Institute of Culinary Studies, Hinsdale, IL | In Progress

AA, Culinary Arts
ABC College, Hinsdale, IL | April 2012

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