40 Concierge Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 30, 2022

Working at the forefront of a hotel or a residential building is challenging because one gets to be the first point of contact.

At the concierge interview, candidates are specifically tested on their ability to provide excellent tier-1 services.

The recruiter will ask questions to gauge their knowledge of providing high-quality services to clients.

Some of the main questions that you may expect when you appear for a concierge interview include the following:

40 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Concierge

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am a detail-oriented and dexterous Concierge who is able to take and follow instructions precisely. My introduction to working as a concierge happened 6 years ago when I was volunteering at ABC hotel. Since then, I have been working as one, providing excellent first contact services to clients.

2. What had been your prime duties in the role of a concierge?

Some of the main duties that I have performed in the role of a concierge include greeting guests and ensuring that they are led or directed to the right department. Making reservations at cinemas or restaurants is also part of my work. In addition, my work involves directing guests to hotel amenities and assisting with the organization of on-site events such as weddings, and parties.

3. What is your most significant trait?

I am an extremely customer service-focused individual, which means that I strive very hard to provide excellent services at all times.

4. How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

I am not much for conflict. When adversity happens, my main concern is to resolve it as soon as possible so that it does not affect anyone’s work, or place a negative impression on the client.

5. In your opinion, what is the key to success where guest contact is concerned?

I feel that communication skills are the key to success where guest contact is concerned.

6. How do you handle adversity where guests are concerned?

I am trained to believe that guests are always right. Unless someone is being absolutely unreasonable and may provide harm to the facility, I keep my head down and try to resolve the issue as quickly as I can.

7. What do you like most about working as a concierge?

I love the fact that I get to meet new people every day. Communicating with people from different walks of life is quite enjoyable for me.

8. What do you dislike about working as a concierge?

There is nothing that I dislike about it.

9. In your opinion, what is the most challenging part of working as a concierge?

I feel that guest satisfaction is extremely challenging. One has to be constantly on one’s toes to be able to ensure that guests remain happy with one’s services.

10. How do you handle stress at the workplace?

I am great at handling stress. On most stressful days, I know exactly how to organize my work, so that stress does not affect it.

11. What is the most difficult part of providing excellent customer service?

I feel that excellent customer service can be difficult if the environment is not conducive to it

12. Describe your perfect work environment.

Usually, perfect environments are non-existent. But I believe in making an environment perfect by diligently working towards the organization’s goals. In such a case, a perfect environment would be where every individual is focused on their work.

13. What happens when you are working with a negative coworker?

Working with negativity can be quite bad for people who have to smile all day long. I try not to let other people’s negativity affect me in an adverse way.

14. What does guest confidentiality mean to you?

Guest confidentiality means everything to me. Since we are privy to sensitive information, we need to be trustworthy and keep that information safe and confidential.

15. What would you do if you realized that some information has been compromised?

I would do whatever I can to find out how the information was compromised. I would put on my detective hat, and figure out where the breach came from. And then, I would seal that breach forever.

16. If you saw that a coworker was involved in nefarious activities, what would be your reaction?

I would first verify what I saw. If my comprehension was right, I would have no choice but to report the coworker to the supervisor.

17. What is the one skill which makes a concierge excellent at their work?

I feel that a go-getter attitude is what makes a concierge excellent at what they do.

18. What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is my customer service skills. I can provide the highest level of services, even in the most adverse of circumstances.

19. What is your greatest weakness?

I am an extremely trusting individual, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to make proper judgments.

20. Are you doing anything to overcome your weakness?

Yes, I am trying to be a little more critical of things so that I do not misjudge people or situations.

21. Why do you want to work for our hotel specifically?

It has been a great ambition of mine to work at a hotel that has a profile as strong as yours. And I had been trying hard to find a job at your hotel for 2 years. But only recently has an opportunity opened, for which I jumped.

22. What motivates you to do your work?

I get motivated by myself. When I do my work well, it is an instant motivator for me.

23. Do you like working solo, or in a team environment?

I feel that one has to work solo at times, and in a team environment at others. Fortunately, I am great it both and can work in either capacity quite well.

24. If you have a lot of work on your plate but have to leave for a personal engagement, what would you do?

I would finish my work and then leave.

25. Do you think a concierge is the most important person in a hotel?

Yes, I do. This is because a concierge is the first person that a client meets, and the impression of the hotel is completely their responsibility.

26. What would you do if a guest complained about your services?

I would be quite upset about such an incident, but then, I would do whatever I can to make amends.

27. How do you feel about sharing tips with your colleagues?

To be perfectly honest, I have no issues sharing tips with my colleagues. Fortunately, I work with people who are fair in their demands.

28. Can you work unsupervised?

Absolutely. Once I know my way around, I can work with minimal supervision.

29. Do you like to be supervised?

I like my work to be looked at critically so that I can improve it. So, supervision is welcome.

30. How do you feel about micromanagement?

I feel that micromanagement almost never works. If you want someone to work well, give them direction, but micromanagement will just ruin it all for them.

31. How well can you use technology?

My technological skills are quite good. I can make excellent use of tech resources to handle reservations, and provide information.

32. What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about working in a challenging environment, which tests me constantly.

33. Why are you leaving your current job?

I was working for a hotel near my house. Since I have moved further into the city, commuting is a huge hassle. I want to work in a place where I am not commuting 4 hours a day.

34. What would you want to change about your last place of work?

The hotel where I work is quite well-organized. I don’t think I would want to change anything about it.

35. What has been your greatest accomplishment?

I was given the opportunity to welcome 2 Chinese delegates. Since they were very important to the hotel management, I was instructed to provide them with the best services. I was commended highly on my high-quality services by the management.

36. Who was your favorite manager, and why?

Honestly, I have worked for 4 managers, and all of them have been amazing. I am afraid that I cannot pick just one out of the lot.

37. Do you get tired easily?

Not at all. I am trained to work on my feet, and do not get tired easily at all.

38. If we decide to hire you, when can you join us?

To be fair, I have to provide 30-days notice to my present employer, even though I know that they will let me go immediately if I asked them. I can join you right after the notice period ends.

39. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to be working in a managerial position, overseeing the work of front desk personnel.

40. Do you have any questions for me?

Please tell me a little more about the amenities that your hotel offers.

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