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Chef Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

The whole idea behind writing your accomplishments is to make sure that the hiring manager understands how absolutely wonderful you are as a chef. Typically, these would include the several times that you did something and came out shining. For example, a menu overhaul, or a food inventory revamp can be put on your resume… Read More »

Sample Reference Letter for Chef Position

A Chef reference letter can be difficult to write especially if the employee was a valued one.  The food service world often has a great need for culinary experts, because there is just so much competition out there! Owing to many factors like the media, extremely talented chefs are emerging and taking up positions in… Read More »

Top 2 Chef Resume Samples [+Skills]

Chefs work in a variety of settings – you may find them in restaurants, kitchens, coffee shops, and soup kitchens. They are trained people who have in-depth knowledge of cooking a variety of things including gourmet meals and pastries. Additionally, they are responsible for both food operations and budgeting within the organization that they work… Read More »