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Updated July 6, 2019

A chef cover letter is your professional introduction to the prospective employer.

It must be written in a way that entices the hiring manager to see your resume and subsequently call you for an interview.


How to Write a Chef Cover Letter?

A cover letter for chef position should highlight your attributes and culinary accomplishments in addition to elaborating relevant culinary skills and knowledge.

To make it more professional, divide the letter into three to four paragraphs and do not exceed one page in length. Address your cover letter to the person who has the power to hire you.

Remember, your Cover Letter for chef resume must explain why you are a perfect candidate for the position. Use culinary industry keywords to make your letter computer-friendly.

Buzzwords/keywords can be found in the job description of the chef provided by a specific employer.



Be truthful; do not overstate any fact that may be indefensible during the interview.

The following examples of cover letters for a chef position will give you a better idea of how to write one.


Chef Cover Letter Example 1


John Doe
457 Example Street
Dallas, TX 75777
(009) 852-1421

July 6, 2019

Ms. Sara Dew
Hiring Manager
Hilton Anatole
48 Some Street
Dallas, TX 75777


Dear Ms. Dew:

I am very interested in obtaining the position of Chef at Hilton Anatole, as advertised in the Daily Nation yesterday. My culinary experience, combined with my food handlers certificate and a diploma in food and nutrition makes me an exceptional candidate for this position.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I am highly skilled in inspecting food items, planning and developing menus, handling food purchase specifications, recipes, presentation standards, and pricing for all menu items and specials. Moreover, I efficiently develop techniques for food preparation and presentation and efficiently establishes menu prices. Also, I have a demonstrated ability to train line cooks on cooking techniques and utilization of products and able to ensure that inventory is stocked with fresh ingredients.

I am recognized for maintaining high standards of sanitation, health, and safety. Over and above, I am extremely capable of evaluating food products to assure freshness and quality standard are attained, and inspecting supplies, equipment, and work areas to ensure compliance with established standards.

As a passionate and driven chef, I am excited about putting my skills to contribute to Hilton Anatole. I will contact you next week to schedule a mutually convenient time of interview to discuss your needs and my culinary talents in detail. If you have any questions in the interim, please do not hesitate to contact me at (009) 852-1421.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



John Doe
(009) 852-1421

Enc. Resume


Chef Cover Letter Example 2 


July 6, 2019

Mr. Tyler Edward
HR Manager
City Diners
82 Silverbell Ave
Crystal Lake, IL 78331


Dear Mr. Edward:

Your Chef position seems to be the right challenge for me because I feel confident that my exceptional culinary skills will be an asset to City Diners. My hands-on experience in professional kitchens backs my candidacy for this position.

In addition to a full command on sweet and savory five star dishes, I bring substantial expertise in ensuring compliance with sanitation standards applicable to a commercial kitchen. I am also expert in handling multifaceted situations while maintaining productive relationships with all staff members, managers, and customers. As an active team leader, I coached 20+ chefs and apprentices so far, and all of them are working successfully at different stations.

My work experience with two international hospitality chains has provided me with a lot of exposure to diverse cuisines, and I have developed a strong palate, which will be an asset for any organization. Being a creative person, I enjoy experimenting with new flavors and have a unique talent for fusion cooking. I have been recognized for my ability to prepare signature dishes, and my cooking skills have never disappointed my employers.

The chance to meet with you would be a pleasure and a privilege, so to this end, I will call you after a few days. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,

Fiona Miller
(000) 141.1421

Attachmwnt: resume

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