Property Caretaker Resume and CV Sample

Updated on: July 11, 2020

The joys of writing a resume or CV are few – but the advantages are many! If you are an individual who can easily bear the pain of writing a resume with “the end result” in mind, you should probably read what we have to say here.

Property caretaker resume writing is challenging, but it can open many doors of employment for you. Plan your CV as seriously as you would plan an important event.

Be meticulous in your content and be as specific as possible. Make sure that you do not provide any information that is redundant or has no value in a resume. For instance, an employer does not need to know that reading is your hobby!

Moving on to the actual resume, here is a sample for a property caretaker that you can refer to when attempting to write your own:

Sample Resume for Property Caretaker

Adam Cooper
3 Pen Street, Fargo, ND 78201
(999) 999-9999
adam.cooper @ email . com


Hardworking and extremely alert individual with 12+ years’ verifiable track record of handling the security and safety needs of large buildings. Hands-on experience in providing high quality and effective caretaking services to tenants and residents, with a special focus on delivering exceptional customer services.

• Proficient in keeping watch on the assigned property by becoming the “eyes” and “ears” of the owners.
• Demonstrated expertise in handling minor repair and maintenance work on assigned areas of the property or the property on the whole.
• Special talent for maintaining the physical appearance of buildings and grounds.
• Adept at handling varying residents’ issues while maintaining a set standard of professionalism.

– Building Maintenance – Grounds-Keeping
– Property Security – Supplies Inventory
– CCTV Administration – Alarm Systems
– Premise Lockdown – Equipment Operation
– Records Management – Conflict Resolution
– Patrolling – Emergency Response

• Implemented an emergency and storm drainage system that helped immensely during the floods.
• Introduced the concept of “neighborhood watch” which brought about a 30% efficiency in apprehending “graffiti artists”.
• Secured the building by 100% by suggesting the installation of CCTVs at every corner and correlating alarm systems.
• Suggested preventative maintenance to be performed on the building’s water supply systems which resulted in clean water all around the year.


Property Caretaker

• Conduct regular checks to determine building and ground security
• Observe people arriving and department the building and make sure that they have actual business inside
• Investigate and report any unusual goings-on within the property
• Keep a constant watch on the property to discourage graffiti and vandalism
• Handle the property’s needs in terms of repair and maintenance
• Provide help with grounds keeping activities during extended times
• Familiarize self with tenants’ and residents’ vehicles and allow only them on the premises
• Handle light plumbing and carpentry work as required
• Apprehend wrongdoers and hand them over to the authorities
• Set up and monitor CCTV recordings

Unemployment Period
• Provided honorary caretaking service to neighbors

Assistant Caretaker
• Checked incoming traffic (people) to determine if they are residents or tenants of the building
• Received and checked the mail to ensure that it does not contain any illegal contents
• Opened and closed property gates to let visitors and residents in
• Instructed delivery people so that they could reach the right apartment or office
• Checked car stickers to determine parking arrangements

High School Diploma