Hospital Room Service Attendant Job Description

Updated on: March 25, 2021

When a patient is admitted to a hospital, he or she is introduced to the room service attendant who provides him or her with information on the hospital menu and directs patients about what each menu item contains.

It is also the responsibility of a hospital room service attendant to make sure that meals are prepared according to each patient’s nutritional needs.

Once a meal is ready, room service attendants make sure that they are placed on trays along with any beverages that the doctor has allowed to a particular patient.

Some of the important tasks that hospital room service attendants perform include:

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Hospital Room Service Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

• Confer with patients about their food preferences and create records of conversation for future reference.
• Discuss patients’ dietary needs with doctors or nurses to gauge the type of meals that need to be prepared.
• Provide patients with information on what each food item prescribed by the doctor contains and how it is suitable for their condition.
• Verify from patients if they have any food allergies and make appropriate notes.
• Prepare each patient’s food order according to the specific diet plans specified by the doctor.
• Make sure that the food is as tasty as possible so that patients develop a liking to it.
• Prepare food trays by measuring out appropriate portions of each food item.
• Refer to notes to determine if any drinks or beverages are allowed to individual patients.
• Deliver foodservice trolley to patients’ rooms and provide them with information about what the menu and ingredients consist of.
• Ask patients if they would like any additional allowed food items on the foodservice trolley from next time onwards.
• Take the foodservice trolley back to the kitchen and handle any leftovers according to what the hospital policy dictates.
• Clean and sanitize plates, dishes, and flatware.
• Make sure that all work areas are cleaned and sanitized appropriately.
• Take feedback from patients regarding food items offered to them and relay information to the hospital food service manager.

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